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    HCG injection


    I have now been ttc for 12 months. I can't believe it. I was on this site a couple of months ago but thought for sure I would be pg by now. I started fsh injectings this month and finished with the dr giving me a hcg injection 5000iu. Does anyone know when this gets out of the system to do an accurate pregnancy test? Of course I could wait and see if I get my period but the waiting is driving me crazy!

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    Blue Sky Guest

    Hi xyzz (how do you pronounce that... tee hee)
    Sorry - I'm not much help to you as I have no idea. Just wanted to wish you well on your journey!!

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    my nurse told me 10 days after my last injection - that's when my beta was booked (I never made it)
    it does depend on your dose though I was told my girls in the know -so maybe less

    Goodluck and if you feel like joining us in monthly thread -you would be very welcome - unless you get BFP and there are pregnancy threads