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    Blue Sky Guest

    Hello - another newbie

    I'm new to the forums. I'm on my 2nd try of IVF after having tried for over a year with ovulation induction and many years before that doing the bd as I think you call it (still working out the jargon).

    After my last cycle I was on "hyperstimulation watch" (as I call it) as I had over 20 follicles. My specialist wants to up my dosage this time so I will be high risk of hyperstimulation complications - he mentioned I may have to spend a couple of weeks in hospital! Has anyone else had ovarian hyperstimulation?

    I'm on the down reg cycle and am with Melb IVF. I'm on day 17 of the cycle - have estimated that EPU will be early July (am such a nerd I have created a spreadsheet to calculate when everything should be happening)!!

    Am glad I found this site - hope I can share info and be inspired by you all.

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    cazzoom Guest

    I think there are a few of us here with MIVF
    I have not started my down reg cycle yet but will do as soon as AF gets here.

    wishing you the best of luck


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    Feb 2005

    Hi Blue and welcome,

    You're not a nerd for having a spreadsheet! I have what a call "The Book of Horrors" which is a series of diaries with dates for each unsuccessful cycle along with any CM changes and symptoms. I try not to look at it too often ... only if I want to compare cycle lengths!

    There are a couple of us with MIVF. I'm one of them and I'm just starting on down-reg myself. Sounds like you are a few weeks ahead of me. Luckily we are all going on this trip together!

    Best of luck with your cycle and come chat to us in the monthly thread.


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    Sep 2004

    Hi Blue, welcome to our humble abode!

    Like you I am about to start my 2nd IVF stim cycle (in July). And also like you my first cycle was cancelled as I had hyperstim problems. During my u/s when counting my follies, they got to 49 and stopped counting saying it was too hard to tell how many more there were. I was the size of a house! (well looked about 4/5 months pg and even waddled around. Emotionally I wasnt too bad, just really teary. But Doc did say that he was going to consider putting me in hospital but instead gave me orders of bedrest.

    I find it bizarre that if you had 20+ follies last time that the doc would suggest a higher dose of gonal f this time around....??? Doesnt sound right to me. My dosage this time will have to be halved.

    Anyway, feel free to come join us in the monthly thread, just as the others have said. And HERE is a link to a list of abbreviations and jargon used here, just to help you out.

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    Blue Sky Guest

    Thanks everyone! It's nice to be able to chat about this experience with people who have been there/done that.

    KeenAs: My specialist is upping the dose as, although I had over 20 folicles, they only got 5 eggs. Apparently alot of the folicles weren't mature enough (?). And apparently some others had "escaped" so I'll be switching from synarel to lucrin. Yay, more needles!
    I hear what you say about being as big as a house and the waddling!

    Thanks again everyone.
    Chat to you soon,

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    Sal Guest

    Hi Blue, good luck with your upcoming cycle. If you are a nerd, then I am too! I have had a spreadsheet with all my cycle info on it (have had it for years, it's like Melbo's in that is documents the nightmare that is my fertility) and I had a special sheet added in just for my IVF attempts. Maybe we should market our spreadsheets on the net?!?!

    From the sounds of it will you be doing a 'freeze-all' cycle (if you are deliberately being hyperstimmed with hospitalisation won't it be too risky to transfer embys back)?

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    Blue Sky Guest


    Yes Sal, if I do end up hyperstimulated they will do a "freeze all" and then I will be on thaw cycles. Hopefully it wont come to that.

    Jacinta - I'm going by what my specialist has told me - although what you say makes more sense so I might ask when I go in for my first scan.

    Hope you dont mind if I ask some silly questions... like which/where is the monthly forum? and does coffee/caffiene affect conception? I usually have a cuppacino every morning - I'm getting paranoid that it could be harmful. Have done some internet research but found nothing difinitive.


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    Jun 2003

    Hi Blue, welcome to BB and to the LT TTC, Inf. & IVF forum you'll find the monthly thread HERE. I am not going through IVF atm, however we have been TTC #2 for 2 yrs. Goodluck! And once again welcome to the forums.


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    Jan 2005
    New Zealand

    Hey Blue

    Great to see some newbies coming on board. Good luck with your second cycle. I almost hyperstimmed but still got to EPU and it wasn't until the transfer that the DR's said I was high risk, they still did the ET but I was completely freaking out and can't help but think it had some impact on our embie. In the end I didn't hyperstim and as I didn't get pg the symptoms settled down in a few weeks, I was hug though and really uncomfortable. You'd think your DR would know best (although I wonder sometimes!), make sure you ask all the questions you need though. I know I kind of went with the flow, but would probably handle it differently second time round.

    The monthly forum is normally at the top of the long term TTC discussion forum, it's generally the most frequented thread. I also did some research on caffeine and TTC, like you I have a coffee every morning which I think I am slightly addicted to. Apparently it does have some effect on the embryo implanting so I stopped drinking coffee and coke on our first IVF cycle - figured I needed to give it as good a go as possible. If you can go without I don't think it hurts to stop before an egg transfer until you get the pg test results. That's just my opinion though.

    Look forward to chatting with you Blue! Good Luck with everything.