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    Default Hi all

    Just wanted to say hello :smt039

    I joined here ages ago and I think I posted but then promptly forgot about the forum! So I decided it was time for another visit (I have recently been lurking around though)

    I'm 30 and my hubby is 37. Tomorrow I start injectibles in preparation for our first IUI cycle. We've been trying to fall now for about 18 months with no luck. I'm not looking forward to giving myself the injections but I know it will all be worth the effort one day.

    I know you will all be a wealth of support and I look forward to learning more about you all and maybe even sharing with you this journey we are about to embark on.


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    Jen, welcome and I know you will find lots of help and friendship here at BB, no matter how things go.

    Best of luck with your treatment. There are many women here who have been through similar experiences and it is nice to feel you are not alone.



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    Welcome to the forum Jen. Sending lots of positive vibes for your first IUI cycle. I was REALLY worried about the injections before my first IVF cycle but I must admit they weren't anywhere near as bad as I had expected. Hope your stay here is a happy and short one! :wave:

    Take care,

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    Good luck!

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    MrsMaloo Guest


    Thanks for the warm welcomes everyone

    I have managed to find my way into the January thread and I noticed a few of you post in there so looking forward to getting to know you all more.


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    MrsMaloo Guest


    Just testing my ticker


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    Hi Jen
    I have only recently joined these forums. Good luck with IUI. I am very interested to hear how you go.
    We have had no success ttc - 23 months now so very frustrated and.... I'm thinking about making enquiriens into this after I move back to Melboure and have settled in.
    Best wishes again

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