thread: How did you react to being told IVF

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    Jun 2005
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    How did you react to being told IVF

    I was curious to know how people reacted to being told that IVF \AI was there best chance of concieving, personally I was petrified, then thought how are we going to pay for this. But some friends have told me that they were relieved that there was hope?

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    Nov 2004

    Hi Bec

    I actually went to a fertility doc last night and got the wonderful news if no baby within four to six months then onto ai i go.

    The first question i asked was about cost and he said around $600 including meds. The best thing about that is that medicare reimburse you with around $450 of that even more if you have reached the threshold.

    So there is is light at the end of the tunnel.

    Take Care

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    Blue Sky Guest

    Hi Bec,
    After about 12 months on clomid without any success, I was relieved when my Dr said to move onto IVF. Mainly because I thought IVF was going to be the answer - I had friends who had gotten pregnant first go with IVF so I thought it was a sure thing. I was a bit scared of what the process would involve, as I had no idea. I also felt a little bit like a failure in the sense that every other woman and her dog seemed to be able to get pregnant without help but I couldn't. Then each time the IVF cycle doesn't work, I feel worse - if I cant get pg on IVF how the hell will I ever get pg? But I hold onto the positives. Each cycle I have gotten a step closer. Each cycle I learn more. The tears are lessening, but the pain isn't. I draw inspiration from those who have gone down the IVF path and had success. They deserve all the happiness in the world whether they have ridden the IVF rollercoaster once or a dozen times.

    Oh, I'm sorry - what a :-({|= sooky la la!! I didn't mean to get into a self indulgent sob story! These are my feelings, other people would be completely different I'm sure. Its actually been quite cathartic to write this. I hope I've helped you too.

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    Aug 2005

    I'm a bit like Blue. I was relieved - even bordering on happy. I had 'unexplained' infertility for 4 years. I'd had friends succeed on IVF and didn't have a doubt in the world it would work first go for us. It does for a lot of women. Hmmmm.
    Anyway, it's always great to see the success stories - there are many. IVF is really not a bad thing and becoming more and more common - unfortunately.

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    Jul 2005

    I too was a bit like blue... after 6 months and no success with clomid, i basically new that IVF was going to be the next step.. I walked out of the doctors rooms that day with my husbands arm over my shoulder crying my heart out... As time has gone on and my start date for our first IVF cycle has come closer, I have learned to accept it.

    Some people on the other hand jump for joy at the whole prospect of IVF. Everyone is different ... I guess it just took sometime for me to get use to the idea, that my child would be conceived in a 'test tube'.

    firemansgirl xx

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    froofy Guest

    It's not a last resort for me (touch wood) but it's been mentioned a few times, and I always freak at the mention of it.

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    Sep 2004

    Scared, but excited. Anxious, nervous but hopeful. Worried about the cost.

    sums up my first few minutes of finding out IVF was our only option!

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    Sep 2004
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    After my tubal ligation reversal, the thought of falling pg naturally was exhilarating, but after 2 years of no success, I was glad to find out my tubes were blocked and that they could pinpoint what the problem was.

    I did grieve though for DH and I not being able to 'miraculously' conceive a child, and got most peeved about not being able to fall naturally between IVF cycles (all those wasted eggs!). Also towards the end, was starting to worry that if IVF was our only hope, then we may never have children.

    But all in all, I think IVF was the hope where we had none. It was a relief to know that there was a chance out there for us. IVF ultimately helped us achieve that longed for pg and it is a 'miracle' no matter how it came about!


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    Aug 2005
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    I felt ambivalent about it. I could see the positives, but I was also acutely aware of the downside to it as well. I wish MIVF would post some happier testaments!

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    ness4 Guest

    I've always known that I had to go through IVF - when I was 21 a head scan showed a pituitory tumour, so I had surgery and radiation therapy which killed off my pituitory gland - without it there is no way of falling pregnant naturally - it's part of my life I can't change it so I had to accept it

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    Jan 2005
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    This time round - I was very relieved I could have another shot at having a baby. with increased odds to a la natural .

    It was a blessing and answer to prayer and I couldn't start quick enough.I kept thinking they would reject me for some reason or I'd be too old - even though our DD was conceived naturally after 12 yrs ttc - there was no way we had another 12yrs plus I had 'operating system problems' (see joke in just kidding) with my tubes I discovered but not my uterus as they also thought from u/s.

    13 yrs ago it was too scary and though we had no idea what our infertility problems were - we went for one appointment only and shortly after decided on adoption path. I am not even sure we talked about costs back then but it was more than adoption I think.

    At the time you couldn't be going through adoption process until after a year after IVF finished so we never started.We had other issues as well why we didn't go IVF but that's a long story.

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    Jun 2004

    I was a bit dumbstruck. I had thought that there would be other things that the dr would suggest before going down the IVF route. My cousin had been doing IVF for years (at the time she was up to about her 18th go) and I never thought that I would be in the same boat as her. I guess that I was a bit taken back, because previously to IVF being suggested, I had been falling pg naturally with no problem. I just couldn't keep the pgs. I remember my initial thoughts were "why is this happening to me?". I also remember thinking that whilst I knew that there were women (& couples) in this world that would never have children because of infertility issues, I was terrified that I might rank in their numbers. And when the IVF didn't work either, I really started to hit rock bottom.

    The money was never an issue with us - I had a little nest egg built up that I had started for our wedding and had just kept it going. The money in that was going to see us out for many IVF cycles fortunately.