thread: How many cycles of IVF til success

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    How many cycles of IVF til success


    I am a newby here.....

    After trying for over 3 years we have since found out that if we want a baby IVF is our only hope.....

    Just wondering how many attempt it has taken in the IVF cycle to fall pregnant..

    We are currently in detox as advised from a natrapath, he believe he can help us....

    WE thought we would try everything before trying the big ones..


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    I had long term unexplained infertility but in the end didn't need IVF, but a couple of my very close girl friends have, so thought I would use them for examples for you:

    42 year old otherwise fit and healthy woman: 4 attempts for her first pregnancy, 2 attempts for her 2nd pregnancy

    34 year old otherwise fit and healthy woman: 1st go

    I am not sure how typical these examples are, but they may give you an idea?

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    At 31 I fell pregnant on my first go with IVF. I have endo and my DH has poor quality sperm. I'm about to try again for #2 - hope I'm as lucky this time.

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    Hi there and welcome to BB!

    I'm afraid your question is one of those unanswerable questions
    You cannot really compare yourself to another person as our bodies and our situations are all very different. Some people may be lucky to fall pg on the first, second or third IVF try. Some people are still trying after the 6th, 7th or 8th try. Some people never succeed. It all depends on a number of factors, your age, the reason for infertility, treatments, etc. etc. Drop in to the sticky chat and have a yarn with us, you are more than welcome.


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    As Jo said, you will need to be realistic and be prepared for it not working most of the time, Then if you get a lovely surprise, like falling pg sooner rather than later, it's all good!

    Unfortunately there is a lot left to nature and God (or buddha or angels or whoever is it that decides these things) with IVF and it's about getting all the factors right to get that baby. Very similar to trying naturally too. Sometimes it happens straight away, and other times, it takes a while.

    Good luck and yes, do join us in the monthly thread for a chat!


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    Hi Lucy,
    If you see this post I was wondering about your friend:
    42 year old otherwise fit and healthy woman: 4 attempts for her first pregnancy, 2 attempts for her 2nd pregnancy
    How old was she when she had no. 2? and what was the reason for her infertility?? Just wondering as I am 43 and it is great to hear a success story like hers.

    Sorry Mel, to hijack your post. good luck with the IVF and come join us in the monthly threads

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    mel3780 Guest

    Thank you all for your responses....

    I don't have my hopes up, well yes i do....

    I know that our bodies are all different, i was just wondering everybody elses stories to help me threw this...

    I am 25 years old and my hubby is 30, it is him who has low sperm count, so maybe it might work on our 1st or 2nd go....

    Hears hoping..

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    Often I feel like a harbinger of doom by posting my story but I'm a perfect example of getting all your ducks in a row, and still not succeeding.

    I've been pg 6 times previously (3 kids, 2 abortions and 1 miscarriage) and had a tubal ligation - at my previous husband's isistence - at 26years of age. At 31, I had the tubal ligation reversed and my new husband and I began to try to have a baby.

    Unfortunately it was discovered 2 year after the reversal that my tbes hd scarred over and were completely blocked. We were told that IVF would be our only chance to have a baby.

    All my other tests came back great and DH's sperm sample was above average. The clinic and my FS told me that we would be pg in no time.

    That was 7 cycles ago and we've yet to fall pg. We've not had an implantation in all 7 cycles, and have never had a HCG reading. Our files have been reviewed yet no one can explain why we're not succeeding.

    The good news (I guess) is that it also doesn't mean we cannot conceive, and this in turn has made us quite persistent. And more realistic about IVF on the whole.

    Like I said previously, go in with realistic expectations, and if you succeed fast, you'll be thrilled, but if you don't, you'll be able to handle the thought of repeat cycles.


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    Ahh the age old question.

    I suppose ultimately with IVF you quickly release that there are a number "variables" that need to be right before a healthy pregnancy is achieved. Unfortunately it is sometimes trial and error as to how many IVF attempts actually get all the variables right!!!

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    In total of IVF at the age of 30, I have done 19 cycles
    3 preg's 2 mc and 1 beautiful baby.

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    mel3780 Guest

    I am confused, when you say 19 cycles....

    Does that mean you had to pay the $3000 for each cycle....

    Just want to know where we stand finacially before we start...

    Thanks in advance to any response
    Mel [-o<

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    mel3780 Guest


    Can you tell me why you needed to go threw ivf.....

    Our reason, is my husband has low sperm count... we are not sure were this has come from as his family have all healthy babies with no problem in the downstairs department....

    Also, does anyone know of a website that tells you about adoption???

    Thanks in advance again

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    Mel, in terms of adoption, I need to know where you are...

    As a family lawyer, I can point you in the right direction, depending on where you are!

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    mel3780 Guest

    I am in New South Wales, on the central Coast...

    Any info would be great, as i am really not sure where we start looking..

    What kind of things do they look for when choosing parents in adoption??


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    Mel -might be along way off for you this but
    having adopted In NSW (10yrs ago) they want loving people in stable relationships prepared to love and nuture a child. Nothing less or more but ....

    It is not about money though you do have to meet the adoption costs ($5000 then I think) - mainly for interview fees, submit court documents etc. And of course not plan to live and raise child in poverty.

    You go thru counselling -group and then social work case study (ask you your background and what you are as couple basically)They do police checks etc and lifestyle evaluation (history drugs/alcohol/ parents /upbringing/ how you plan to parent) .

    Have to also to be past 1yr IVF or pregnancy Loss etc. The social worker presents your 'case' .If you then get approved to join waiting pool - by a panel 10yrs ago anyway - and then you wait.....

    I know people who were renting and only DH had a job - she was giving it up for baby. They had little money and old cars.

    The birth mother has a big say these days (even 10yrs ago) and they might pick you from a short list the agency offers - because you live near the beach or have a cute dog - seriously - this happens. They don't match physically at all but more socially / psychologically. Like if your DH played footy and the birth Dad does - so I was told . They don't have to give reasons for or against.

    There is no real waiting list but a pool of parents - then the agency might select a few hopefuls with a 'preview' for birth parents.We adopted our son in under 10 months from start. Friends of SIL even less - but may be longer now. Older parents are not discriminated by agency but can be by birth parents IYKWIM. In our case DS's mother did not chose us or anyone - the agency did - but we were their 2nd choice - 1st couple said wanted new baby - our DS was 1 yr old (13 months by time we adopted).

    IN NSW- there is Centacare Catholic but don't have to be),Anglican Adoption - Anglicare and Docs . Some others for older children and disabled.

    Adoption laws changed dramatically in last few years to give birthparents more say (naming their child esp) and more contact -open adoption so you might need to go for information night or ring one of agencies. Our DS mother never chose to have contact but we do write to siblings adopted elsewhere. It is a good thing open adoptions.

    I wish you all the best if this is a path you decide to take.

    I don't know much about overseas adoptions but ragged-blossom has her story in Adoption on BB forum and you might want to ask her.

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    Hi Mel!

    I'm sure you'll be fine. I just went though my first cycle ever and was freaking out about it not working and whether or not I even had eggs! I just got my test back yesterday and after our first go I am BFP! Hooray! Try and stay positive, I think state of mind has a lot to do with it.
    Good luck!

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