thread: how many goes at ivf?

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    Jul 2005

    how many goes at ivf?

    How many cycles have you had at IVF??? Do you set limits to how many.. DH and I have set ourselves a limit that we will only ever do 3 full stim cycles, this is obviously not including FET's? I guess most couples know when enough is enough??? Anybody else wanting to coment???

    love leis xx

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    Sep 2004
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    I had 5 stim cycles and 3 FETs before falling pg. In all previous cycles, I'd never fallen pg, not once. not even one little tiny bit of HCG showed up.

    When we first started, DH and I planned on 3 stim cycles on, with any accompanying FETs, and set a limit of $10k maximum to spend. I already have three kids and did not want to disadvantage them by spending more than we could reasonably afford.

    But what you set yourself in limits has nothing to do with your emotional limit, and I think both DH and I were not ready to give up yet after 3 stim cycles had failed. We'd revised our 'limit' many times, with our last 'limit' being 10 cycles in total. That time, I think it was more emotional than financial, though.

    And while there are heaps of women who fall the first or second time, there are as many, who like me, will have to go many many time before succeeding. In my case, our only fertility problem was blocked tubes. I was otherwise fertile, and had fallen pg naturally previously.

    It just all depends. I'm probably the more depressing of the statistics, but hey, the news only gets better from here!


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    how many goes at ivf?

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    Hi Leis
    My husband and I have also agreed on 3 full stimulated cycles then we will call it quits we are struggling to finance this second cycle its not just the financial side of things its the emotional and physical stuff as well

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    Leis that is a hard question - I have my focus only on whatever it takes till I am 42 ( few years to go) - but who knows

    I [-o< it happens soon for you sweet and all of us so we don't have this emotional hell to deal with - financial is bad enough

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    We have agreed to take each cycle as it happens. That way we put no restrictions on ourselves and we dont freak out thinking this is our last cycle or anything. Plus so many circumstances can change over the course of it all...

    But I can understand those who put a limit on it - it gets difficult to move on with the rest of your life, sometimes.

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    No idea if the original poster is reading this, but hey I'm new here

    When we had our first cycle in June '04, Jen was Hyperstimulated big time... and this was a week before I was moving to canberra for work (and to be home on the weekends). No immediate transfer but had 9 successful fertilised and all put in the freezer

    They all failed with 2 not successfully thawing

    She was willing to go again, I was not so sure - more for her sake, but we did. Not as HS as the first time and 11 successfully fertilised. One not worth freezing, one kept for transfer 2 days later and 9 in the freezer again

    We are now at 18.5 weeks with scan next friday - yippeeee

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    When I started I was so sure that one of my two initial DI attempts would work - I guess I'm a bit more realistic now unfortunately! Next step then became IVF and I was hoping for one full cycle and then hopefully a couple of FETs. Again, the cold hard truth turned out different. It looks like I may never produce a lot of eggs so it may mean further full cycles.

    I thought my deciding factor would be money but at the moment I'm nowhere near ready to stop even though the budget is struggling. I guess it comes down to finding the money somehow and trying until it gets too tough emotionally. I guess I'm fairly new to all this but already it's the emotional side of it all that's hit me the hardest.

    I think this is such a difficult journey to take but I have to say that everyone here is so inspirational - and I wish the best of luck for all of us trying to reach our dream. xoxo