thread: How many visits???

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    MichelleM Guest

    How many visits???

    Wow this site is amazing.I have learnt more tonite than I have in weeks of reading.Thankyou..

    My question.I am in Newcastle and hopefully towards the end of this year early next i will be undergoing IVF.Currently having IUI so hopefully not needed but I have aquestion..I am trying not to let my work know what is going on.Is this unrealistic??I am casual so can try and have days off etc but in a month how many times can I expect to have to go to the clinic..I am having my bloods and scans done in Newcastle but will be travelling to Sydney for any treatment i need.Obviously I would need to go there for egg collection and embryo transfer but what else exactly will I need to do during the month???

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    BellyBelly Member

    Aug 2005

    Hi again Michelle.
    Nice to see you here, sort of..... you'll get lots of info and support here, I have.
    My stim cycle lasted 50 days. I think I ended up having to attend for around 5 or 6 blood tests and 2 ultrasounds (but they were done on the same day as blood tests).
    Sue :luck:

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    MichelleM Guest

    Thanks Sue,What I am actually trying to find out is how many trips are involved to the clinic for actual procedures.Bloods and scans wont need to go to Stdney but for precedure I will...Will I have to go for egg collection and back for embryo transfer??Would that be all???


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    Aug 2005

    Sorry Michelle. That's what happens when I post after a cr*p day at work. Yep, 2 visits for procedures - EPU (which involves light anaesthetic so you'll need someone to drive you) and transfer day.

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    Hi Michelle

    I am currently undergoing IVF treatment through Sydney IVF city clinic.. although i live on the mid north coast i still need time off to travel to Port Macquarie for scans and bloods at Sydney IVF clinic up there. I too am perm part time but i have told my boss who is female and very very understanding. I am also a nurse and work in mental health setting, where it can sometimes be dangerous.. if we are very lucky and get a big fat + in the not to distant future.. i will possibley be seconded somewhere else in the health system to a more safer work environment. This was probably the main reason for telling my boss.

    Wishing you all the best for a speedie

    Love Firemansgirl (leisa)

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    luckydraw Guest


    Welcome here. I have been here for just one month too.

    I started my first trial (hopefully the only one) since last month. Well, how many times do you need to travel? I think it depends on your body's reactions to the drugs and which IVF center you go because some big centers have several branch offices.

    For example, I am with MIVF (Melbourne IVF). The first appointment is of course to see my doctor and then make the second appointments for the nursing and the counselling (I was told that the counselling was not complusory in NSW, but I am not completely sure). The third one for me just happend two days ago, which is the ultrasound No 1 done by my doctor (I know in some centers it will be done by nurses.) The fourth will be ultrasound No 2 (for me it will be next Tuesday and this one must be done by doctors). If the scan result is good, the egg and sperm collection will be the next step and then the sixth appointment for embroy transfer. Everything goes smoothly, then the last step would be a blood test.

    So I think there will be something around seven to ten times. But some of these can be done elsewhere or the branch office nearby, so you don't really need to go to your IVF center. However, there will be at least one very busy week from ultrasound No 2 to ET because it basically happens every second days.

    Good luck to IUI.

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    You should confirm with your particular clinic as to the arrangements they require you to make if you live far from them. My clinic gives you a light general for your Egg Pick Up and will allow you to go home 2 hours after only if you live in the metro area.

    However, if you live further away, they require you to stay overnight and be discharged the next morning. In real terms, this equals to 2 days away for EPU.

    Most BTs and such can usually be done closer to home, but most clinics will want you to attend for the 1 or 2 u/s at the clinic, so you should probably factor a few mornings in as well.


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    MichelleM Guest

    Thanks for all your replys..Wil let you all know the outcome....