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Thread: How much delay in O'ing after a stim cycle?

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    Default How much delay in O'ing after a stim cycle?

    Just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on how long ovulation may be delayed in a cycle following a stim cycle. We finished a stim cycle with lucrin/gonal F and then Crinone progesterone post transfer. Following a BFN, we decided to wait out this cycle, and then do a natural FET next cycle. At the time the nurses suggested that this current cycle may be a bit longer. At the time I did not really question this, but I'm currently at day 17 and have no signs that I'm going to ovulate at any time in the near future. My cycle is not always that regular, but I dont want this to go on forever.

    Can anyone shed light on the effect a stim cycle had on their following (natural) cycle, and do you think it is worth me talking to my FS about this - or am I just being paranoid??

    Any thoughts welcomed. Thanks

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    tassie~butterfly Guest


    Hi farmgirl,

    My cycle was normal, but my nurse told me it was very common for women not to ovulate at all, which is why clinics don't usually let you do a FET straight after a fresh cycle.

    I remember worrying like crazy that I wouldn't ovulate or it would be delayed, but it's just your body getting back into the normal swing of things, so just let it do it's thing

    All the best for your FET!


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    HI Farmgirl. I am a perfect ovulater on day 14 but after my stim I didn't ovulate until day 20 which is common. THey will be able to tell from the size of your follicle during the lead up scans and if you use the oulation test they give you - they do work !
    Good luck.

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    Hi Farmgirl,

    In the first cycle after my first (and only) failed stim cycle, I ovulated on CD17, which was pretty much normal for me. The incredible thing was, this turned out to be our long-awaited successful cycle!

    There can be carry-over effects from the stim cycle into the next cycle and I guess these can be favourable.

    Good luck - it would be terrific if you have a similar story.

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    Hi all,
    Thanks for the info. I'm currently at CD26 and dont think that I have ovulated yet (or I missed it), so this is going to be a looooong cycle. The waiting is driving my crazy - i just want AF to arrive so we can do a FET.

    I spoke to our FS and she suggested that when we do the FET they will monitor my cycle with scans, and then do a medicated cycle if there is no signs that my body is doing what it is meant to - but I cant even get to that stage at the moment...oh well, I'll just keep waiting

    Allie - congrats on your succesful cycle


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