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Thread: HSG whilst taking Clomid ????

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    Default HSG whilst taking Clomid ????

    I am new to this site and just have a question.
    I have been ttc #3 for over 12 months now.
    Am on my second month of clomid.
    The doctor has recommended I get a HSG done. I have booked into get this done on day 8 of my cycle. He said to also take the clomid as well - days 5 to 9. Has anyone else done this? Should I not take the clomid and wait till next month? But thats just wasting another month and too hard to do. I only have 1 falliopian tube due to an etoptic pregnancy in 03.
    Thanks for helping.

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    I think it should be fine, they just want you to do it at the start of your cycle so it doesn't mess with ovulation. Day 8 should be ok unless you're a very early starter
    good luck

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