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Thread: Hysterosalpingogram (HSG)

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    Default Hysterosalpingogram (HSG)

    Hi All'

    Anyone have a clue as to what an HSG is? I have to book myself in to have one, so they know whats hapenning inside. All my doctor said was that its abit painful.


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    tiamiami Guest


    I had a HSG last month and it was uncomfortable but not really painful. I was worried as well. Not to frighten you but as you before my test I was asking alot of questions and people have said that if you have blockage or something wrong you may have a pain. Thank God for me it was all good as it will be for you to. DO not worry all will be fine!

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    Basically, a HSG involves you lying on a gurney with your legs in stirrups. They place an Xray-like machine over your belly and then they insert a tubes through your cervix into your uterus. They fill your cervix with a dye and with the Xray, track whether the dye travels up your fallopian tubes. The Xray will usually pick up any blockages in your tubes, or any abormalities.

    My tubes are completely blocked. The HSG wasn't initially painful, but then the Dr suggested putting more dye in to increase the pressure in my uterus, and therefore see if they could get past any blockages. I was asked to let them know when it got too uncomfortable, but didn't until it was painful. That was my fault though.

    For those with clear tubes, there are minimal discomfort, maybe only slightly more uncomfortable than a pap smear.



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    sararms Guest


    I've had an HSG and a HYCOSY, HSG is pain free in comparison and is much better for viewing uterus cavities than tubes, but is excellent at both. I have a slight blockage in one tube, and it didn't cause any extra discomfort at all. The best thing about it is you will get answers about your health down there and will be able to get on with the next steps if you need to.

    Best thing is not to worry about it. If you tense up it will hurt. I didn't have any tubes inside the cervix with the HSG, they attached a cup to the outside of the cervix and flushed the dye through. They do insert tubes and balloons and all sorts with the HYCOSY!! ouch

    Good luck with it and relax!!!

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    Really, there's nothing to worry about.

    When I had mine, I had to lay back on a treatment table, only there were foam blocks placed on the table, so that my hoohaa was actually at eye level for the radiologist LOL, and my legs were hanging over the side. First they placed a speculum inside, just like a pap smear, then threaded a thin catheter (tube) through the cervix, and then pumped the dye through the catheter. Then they inserted a long thin ultrasound into my vagina as well (there wasn't much room left in there after that LOL) to take pictures of the dye going through my tubes.

    I had mild cramping afterwards, sort of like an AF cramp, but nothing serious. They made me lie down for a half hour, just to check that I was OK, then sent me on my merry way.

    You'll be fine ... the pain, if any, is minimal. I was told to take 2 nurofen the night before, and then 2 neurofen the morning of the HSG in preparation, which I think helped. Good luck

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