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Thread: i really need your help

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    kellrobryan Guest

    Default i really need your help

    Just wanted to ask a question
    i am new to this site so wish you all luck in getting a bfp soon
    well im on clomid and have been now for 3 months the 1st 2 months i did O but my af were around 5 to 7 days late each month
    this month the doc give me again a blood test on day 23 but he said i didnt O this month i am now going onto day 39 tomorrow and stilll no sign of af coming

    has anyone ever O 'd late and had a bfp late
    or has anyone ever had bloods taken on day 23 showed you didnt O but then got a bfp later that month

    what do you all think on this matter
    do you think i could be preg or is af late as i didnt O this month
    i really need on this matter my mind is going crazy not knowing

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    Hey Kel,

    I'm unfortunately not a late ovulator but have been on Clomid for the past 3 months (onto 4th this month). It is very strange that you O twice previously and then the blood tests showed that you didn't O this month. The physics of it don't really show that you could be pregnant but who knows...this is probably a very stupid question to ask but have you tried any pregnancy tests? Because by day 39 you should definitely see a rise in your LH levels.

    Good luck girl!!!

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    hi Kelly

    i can't say i had any success at all with clomid making me O - but as a thought - if you didn't O, it's likely that AF may not show up - she never did with me - i'd contact your FS, let them know AF hasn't shown - they might do a BT just to check for pg from late O - but then they'll probably give you something to trigger a visit from AF so you can start a new cycle

    good luck with your TTC journey

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    kellrobryan Guest


    well no i havent taken any preg test as each morning i wake with really bad pains and think i will geyt af today but then night comes and i hadnt got af
    well im off to the docs next week as i want to see anouther gyno just to see what he has to say as clomid has worked before for me really good and got preg in 2 mths on it
    thanks again

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    kellrobryan Guest


    well justa update
    af come and showed her face
    today i am glad she did as i can go back on clomid for round 4 wish me luck
    hope i O this mth

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    AUZZGAL Guest


    zkell i have had a simular experience the first month i was on 25mg's and i didnt 0 then the next month i was on 50mg's and i did 0 and i didnt even know as we had a terrible loss in the family and we were in the ICU etc (thats a whole other story) so of course no bd was done at the right times.Then the next month i stayed on the 50mg's and we bd right through thinking we had a great shot then he said i didnt 0 i was so disappointed.So this month im on to round four af only showed her ugly head today on cd 36 which is really late for me and im starting 100mg's this time so fingers crossed it will work!
    Which cycle days do you take it from as i take it from cd2-6 and i have read it had a higher success rate and should make you 0 earlier too check with your fs next appt anyway.
    Best of luck to you and i hope you get your BFP you deserve real soon
    Take Care

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    kellrobryan Guest


    well i have always taken the clomid on day 5 to 9
    i have been on 50 mg but this mth starting on 100 mg so i hope i have a better mth
    its great talking to others that have the same probs as your self and also taking the same meds
    chat soon kellie

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