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    Apr 2005


    Hi everyone,

    My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for almost a year. Two weeks ago we got the news that hubby's sperm had no chance of penetrating my eggs due to them being an abnormal shape. The only chance for us to conceive is ICSI.

    I would really love to hear from anyone who has had experiences with this (good or bad).

    I have a 7 year old daughter from a previous relationship and feel so blessed to have her, but we'd love for her to have a brother or sister.

    I look forward to hearing from you.



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    Sep 2004

    Hi there BBTrail & welcome.

    Sorry to hear about your news. We have also been ttc for a long time and have to undergo another attempt at ICSI in a few months time. Dont get me wrong though, we didnt actually make it to the ICSI stage last time, so dont let that make you think it didnt work for us.

    There are very good odds using ICSI and a number of the girls in here have had experience with it, as have many girls no longer in here (they have graduated to the pg forums!)

    Which clinic are you going through? Do you know when you might be going ahead?

    If you have any questions at all, feel free to ask because it is likely that someone knows or had experience with it.

    Also please feel free to join us in the monthly thread HERE where we keep each other uptodate on what is happening with each of us along our journey to (hopefully) having a baby.


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    Apr 2004
    Sydney, NSW

    Hi BBTrail!

    Welcome to BB!! Hope that your stay here is short and sweet, and my sincerest best wishes for this next journey of yours.

    I am currently 10+ weeks pg and our baby was conceived via IVF ICSI.

    We are in a slightly different situation to you, as my hubby's sperm is apparently normal, with a good sperm count, and my eggs are apparently also normal. On our first IVF attempt however (we fall into the cesspool of undiagnosed infertility after trying for a baby for 2.5 years without success), none of our 18 eggs fertilised......

    No one can really explain this, as we have conceived naturally 3 times in those 2.5 years that we know of, each time resulting in a chemical pg.

    On our second attempt, we proceeded straight to ICSI as we did not want to risk 'wasting' another stim cycle and so many eggs, and had 13 eggs collected, 11 injected, and 7 successfully fertilised.

    Out of this we had 2 x Grade I blastocysts and 1 grade II blastocyst.

    We had a fresh transfer that cycle that failed and froze the other two (one grade I and the other gradeII).

    Then we did our first FET cycle which was completely natural (ie no meds till after ovulation), and only one of our frozen embies thawed. That one however took hold and here we are 10 weeks later, still sitting on the edge of our seats, but feeling optimistic for the first time since TCCing in a long time.

    We are not the only ICSI success story here on this site, so the odds are in your favour!!

    Best of luck, and there are a lot of us here who are going, have gone or will be going through the same experience as you, so please feel to ask whatever you need, vent your frustrations and we will always be here for you.

    Take care and wishing you a speedy success!

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    Jun 2004

    Hi BBTrail,

    Like Gab (above), we also had ICSI not because of an abnormalities, but becasue for some reason I couldn't hold a pg, and when we went onto IVF, my first go resulted in no fertilized eggs and it was thought that ICSI might be better for us in subseqyent IVF cycles.

    However, unlike Gab, none of my IVF cycles went onto a viable pg, although the ICSI worked fine and we ended up with a few very good quality embryos.

    I guess the success of those embryos after implantation was just the luck of the draw.

    Best of luck.


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    Apr 2005

    Hi again

    Wow, this is fantastic, it's great to be able to speak to people who are going through or have been through similar problems.

    Thankyou so much for your replies.

    We have our 3 appointments, (counsellor, nurses&dr) on June 2nd and then we are told that we are able to start at the next period...which should hopefully be about a week after that.

    We are going through Melbourne IVF at the Freemasons and so far so good, not that we have really started anything yet.

    I have a mixture of feelings at the moment, excitement, frustration, and just plain devestated half of the time.

    When I had my daughter, who is now 7, I conceived straight away. I had a terrible pregnancy, pre eclampsia and hospitalised from 20 weeks and then to top it all off an emergency caesar with major complications and infections afterwards. Mind you, our daughter is absolutely perfect and means the world to both me and her step dad.

    I just assumed after trying to conceive for so long that I was the one with the problem having so many complications last time. It turns out that my hubby had undescended testes as a child and didn't have it rectified until he was 8. His parents were told at the time that there was a good chance that he would be infertile. I get quite upset at the fact that they didn't even mention this to us, knowing that we were becoming quite desperate each month that we had not yet conceived.

    Anyway, no point whinging, i'm very blessed to have our daughter but am longing for another............ I always wanted four kids, would still if it was at all possible.

    Any hints or tips in relation to the ivf/icsi would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks again


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    Jan 2004
    Melbourne, Australia

    Hi bbtrail,
    I am also a regular in the long term TTC thread and we would love you to join us. It is unlikely I will get to the IVF stage but my sister is also going to be doing her first ICSI in June but through Monash so I will be really interested to see how you go.

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    Sep 2004

    Im pretty sure there are a couple of ladies who attend Freemasons as well, so you never know you might end up sitting next to one of them! Plus they will be able to tell you more specific stuff, as each clinic have their own little things that they do differently to other clinics.


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    Jan 2005
    in the valley of cuddles with mountains of smiles

    Welcome bbtrail to BB I am going to my 1st IVF app. on 12th May - yippee only 6 more sleeps
    I know nothing much and I wish you nothing but success and a BFP.
    We were tcc for 12yrs (no contraception) and I concieved in March 2004 - sadly my daughter was stillborn @ 26weeks with no reason found.
    We are classed as subfertile - and have no idea what our problem is ....
    The girsl her are very supportive and have lots of experience

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    Apr 2005

    Hi Trish

    Hi Trish

    All the best to you and your hubby in 6 sleeps. I sometimes feel sorry for myself and then I hear other stories and kick myself as I have already one beautiful healthy daughter.

    My Sister in law went through a similar thing to you last year, she was pregnant with twin girls and lost them at 22 weeks. I have seen how devestating this is and my heart goes out to you both.

    You must be very excited to start ivf and I'm sure you will have a beautiful family before you know it.

    Thanks for your reply and keep me posted as to how you go.

    Take care


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    Feb 2005

    Hi Trish,

    I'm attending the same clinic as you. We have our appointment to start the IVF ball rolling on Tuesday 10/05.

    Anxiously awaiting cycle 1 to see what is going on with my eggs. If they don't fertilise on their own, I may be able to share ICSI stories with you at a later date.

    Best of luck with your treatment and hope to see you in the monthly thread.


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    Oct 2004
    WA y WA y A WAy

    Hi There bbtrail,

    we used icis with our first IVF attempt, with my DH having a vasectomy we had no choice but to go this way he had to have a TESA ( Testicular sperm asspiration ) and out of 7 eggs 5 fertilised we put one back graded an 8 and had 2 grade 7 eggs to freeze ( we are unsure what happened to the other 2) but they did not handle being frozen and succumbed unfortunately we did actually fall pg but sadly Mc a short time later, we hopefully start again July/August for another go
    i wish you all the luck in the world for a nice big fat positive

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    Jun 2004


    all my IVF cycles were done through Freemasons in Melb.


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    ann Guest


    We also have been down the ICSI road. Last December we had 20 eggs, 13 were fertilized, 1 transfered and 5 were thought good enough to freeze. Unfortunately the 1 transfered did not take.

    So on the 13th June we are having two transfered (FET) and hopfully at least one will decide to stay with us, ours were all taken to blast stage.

    Good Luck

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    Apr 2005

    Hi Ann

    Thanks for your reply. All the very best of luck on the 13th of June.

    Kepp me posted as to how you go.

    How did you find all of the medication, was it really tough on your body?



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    ann Guest

    I have or had a real needle phobia, that was until I started this crazy journey. I was lucky as DH did every single injection for me, you soon get in the swing of things, and it's not such a big thing. I didn't have any major hassles it went pretty smoothly, except they thought I could over stimulate cause I ended up with 48 follies,

    Hope everything goes smoothly for you.


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    Melody Guest

    Hi Ali,

    I am an IVF (ICSI) sucess story & now 25 weeks pregnant.

    DH has extremely weak & lazy sperm but we tried for 18 months first & by the time we got through the rounds of dissapointment, specialists & medical babble we were exhausted.

    I really relate to your devastation.... I dont think DH or my good breeding family could because they never faced the possibility of being childless & DH doesn't really know what it is to spend every waking moment praying for a child (we were told initially that there were no options available to us because DH's sperm would not be suitable to even fertalize an egg..... I felt like the world had just ended)

    Keep your chin up, when you get through this you will look back & muse at how easy it all really was in the scheme of things but I wont lie & say that, while you are in the middle, it isnt emotionally & physically excrutiating.

    The day we drove back from the clinic after giving our 'pregnancy test' blood I just wondered if I had the courage to wait another two hours for the result.

    Quite by chance, a lady at the clinic said to me "Dont be afraid of the needles, they slide in like a hot knife to butter" & she was absolutely right

    I will cross everything I have in hope for you & everyone else here that is beginning this courageous & scary journey. =D> Best of luck!

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    Feb 2005


    What a lovely post. Congratulations also on your pg and I hope things go really well for you. You're right when you say it is difficult for people who haven't experienced infertility to grasp just how devastating it can be.

    I like your quote too. I have a book on Helen Keller - one of life's truly inspirational people. Her story has fascinated me since I was young. I often take it down to have a read when I am feeling particularly low about the whole TTC thing. I doubt there are many people with all five senses intact who fully experience life the way she did.



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    Apr 2005

    Hi Melody

    Thankyou so much for your story, it was great to hear of your success...CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

    I will keep you posted as to how I go and would really love to hear how your pregnancy is going and when you have your new baby.

    Thanks again and take care of yourself and your precious baby.