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    InAnticipation Guest

    Default I'm a Newbie

    Hi everyone

    I'm new to this website and just wanted to share my story with you all. I've been TTC since May last year and i was diagnosed with PCOS almost 8 years back. Although DH & I are happily married for almost a year and a half, we are desperate to produce a little miracle of our own O

    My gyno has prescribed me clomid(25mg) a day for 5 days and it would be my first time taking them but at the moment i'm still waiting for AF to show up so i can start!

    My cycles are irregular but not too bad varies from 39 - 47 days.

    Can anyone share with me if anyone had any success 1st go on the same dose (25mg)???

    Thanks for listening


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    tinka Guest


    Hi InAnticipation,
    I am on day 17 of my first Clomid (50mg) cycle and no O for me yet. There are girls on here who had success in their first month but I am not sure what dose they were on.
    I hope you have success really soon.

    Tink x

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    Hi InAnticipation,
    I do not have PCOS but am anovulatory so have used clomid.
    My first round was at 25mg -was not a great cycle -late and weak ovulation.
    Next round at 50mg was more closely monitored(u/s to check follicle size etc) and I also had trigger HCG injection -Ovulated day 13 and BFP 13 days later. Sadly this PG ended in m/c at 7 weeks and many complications thereafter but nothing to do with the Clomid itself. So yes, it DOES work. 25mg did result in ovulation for me and maybe could have resulted in PG if continued at that dose so hopefully will work for you too. I assume you are having some form of monitoring - cd 21 progesterone to check on ovulation? Depending how this round goes, your doc can then decide on whether that dose is appropriate. Hope you get success very soon!

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    InAnticipation Guest


    Thank you Meredith & tinka for sharing your stories with me. I'm still wating for AF to showup. As soon as she arrives I'll be on to it(Day5 - Day9).

    Meredith: Yes i will have a prog test on Day 21 for ovulation, then i have to go back to gyno on Day28.

    Will let you know how i go!

    Thanks again

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    Best of luck InAnticipation :luck: I hope AF shows up for you soon.

    I'm onto my third round of Clomid (100mg) at the moment. My first and second rounds were 50mg, but I only had a CD21 progesterone test on the second time around, which showed that I didn't ovulate I'm not sure what happened the first cycle - it was over Christmas/New Year, so I couldn't get to a pathologist on CD21 because everything was shut ](*,)

    Everybody is different, and there are definitely girls around who've had success on 25mg Clomid. Wishing you lots of luck that everything goes smoothly for you.

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    InAnticipation Guest


    Inspiration, Thank you for your reply and kind thoughts.

    My gyno suggested that if my CD21 fell on a Sunday to have my prog test after that day and not before but I have a feeling that i might ovulate late in my cycle with the clomid. As instructed by the gyno we will have to BD every second day from Day12 untill Day18 but i think we might just continue to do so for a little bit longer, who knows :-k

    Thanks again and I hope that you're succesfull this round.


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    Default third time lucky

    Hi there,
    I was diagnosed with PCOS in 1998 or 9 (when I was 18).
    Went on clomid three'ish months ago and got pregnant on my third cycle.
    I started on 25mg, then went to 50mg, then finally ovulated on 100mg. The last time I had quite a painful time (I guess ovulation) but it resulted in me getting pregnant, so it was worth it.
    All the best,

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    Kirsty77 Guest


    Hi Inanticipation

    I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2004 after ttc for 13months and was given clomid 50mg and it took me only 2 cycles to fall pregnant. I am also pregnant again now and it took me only the one cycle of clomid 50mg to fall pregnant.

    I wish you loads of luck hun. There are so many of us that were or are in a similar situation to you, so theres lots of shoulders to lean on.Goodluck....

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    InAnticipation Guest


    Hi Chocolatecatt & Kirsty, thank you for sharing your stories with me. It gives me hope and helps me remain positive. My gyno has put me on clomid because i don't release enough eggs! My DH has a low sperm count, which makes it harder!! I was diagnosed with PCOS when i was 16.
    As far as AF is concerned i'm still waiting for my next cycle. I haven't been prescribed provera or anything else to bring it on because my cycles have been btwn 39 - 47 days but i tell you it can be so unpredictable that sometimes it just gets to me & i can't handle it.
    Do you girls know whether clomid can help regularise the cycle???

    Thanks for listening again and sorry about the long post

    InAnticipation [-o<

    Kirsty: Forgot to mention how cute & gorgeous your baby daughter is! You must be so lucky to be expecting another one so soon. Well done :smt023

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