Hi guys

Havent posted in here for a while. Have been trying to keep my mind off TTC by keeping occupied at work Just wondering whether anyone can tell me if implantation spotting is always pink in colour. I'm on cd 32 and this is my first month off chlomid in prep for IUI next cycle. Got impatient and tested last Tuesday and got yet another BFN. Spotting started 2 days ago - it started off on the first day as a few pink streaks in CM but have only since seen a few darker spots every now and then (dark pink/brown) and a bright red spot only once.

My cycles vary between 28 - 36 days. I'm thinking AF might be on the way but I've never had spotting before hand like this. Too scared to test again as a repeat BFN would be just another disappointment

Any info would be much appreciated.