thread: Injectibles/IUI

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    Feb 2005
    Planet Earth, Apparently.


    Just finished our final unsuccessful clomid cycle. Have been ttc for 18.5 months so to be taking this long to get to this point is ridiculous, but thats another vent! :evil:

    I have an appointment with my specialist Tuesday and am hoping we will progress onto injectibles/IUI. What cycle day does treatment start? Am I right in assuming we will have a cycle off before beginning (I will be cd5 when I see him). What tests might he want to run? (I have had an HSG recently). Thank-you.

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    Feb 2005

    Hi Kelly
    I have just done IVF last cycle but previously did 4 IUI injectible cycles.
    When AF came it was CD1, then it was go in for BT on CD2 for base levels, from there it was injectibles up to trigger shot for ovulation. Also had u/s in the days leading up to trigger to check on the follies.

    We never had a break in between, just kept going.

    I imagine that since you will be part way through a cycle you will have to wait til CD1 to start.

    When starting at the clinic I had heaps of BT done for various things, but not sure what they all were, just know that they must be ok because they didn't call.

    It is a bit freaky at the start but the injectibles are using a 'pen' and even I could do it myself (I have a needle phobia).
    I hope it works out for you and you don't become an 'old hand' at it.

    Take care