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    Aug 2006


    Please could you tell me the dose of puregon that you were started on? how long for and if you had pregnyl or ovidrel trigger with pregnyl boosters day 4&8?


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    Dec 2006
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    hun, my dose varied depending on the cycle

    150 i got 1 follicle
    175 i got 1 follicle
    200 i got 1 follicle one cycle, 2 follicles (successful cycle), 3 follicles another - go figure!

    i used pregnyl trigger shot, and then boosters on days 4 and 8 post trigger.



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    May 2008
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    Hey Loula - sorry i won't be much help with your question but wanted to pop in and say

    My 4 IUI's were done using Clomid and Pregnyl trigger and no hcg boosters at all.

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    Feb 2008

    Hi loula,

    For my last IUI cycle I was on 75 and got one follicle didn't trigger until CD 19.
    Had Pregnyl trigger and 4 boosters.

    This Cycle which I have changed clinics still on 75 puregon With pregnyl trigger but only 3 boosters.

    My OI cycles have all been with puregon on lower doses 25 up tp 50, then 50 up to 75/100 on alternate days but these cycles took me until CD 28 to trigger. All with puregon trigger and 4 boosts.

    I have now lost 10kg and crossing my fingers for more than one follicle. If I only get one follicle this time I am going to ask to increase the dosage.

    Hope this info helps.

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    Sep 2008

    Hi Lou

    I had Puregon 100 iu, and had two decent follies, I missed the trigger as I surged naturally (via the urine lh test) and I cannot recall any other stats ..