thread: IVF - Can you request for a twins?

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    Maya Guest

    IVF - Can you request for a twins?

    Hi Everyone,

    I have a lap app in September due to fal. tube issues. My Gyno says that if that does not help, we can opt for IVF. However, there is only 50% chance of falling pg with an IVF.

    Now my question is, can I request them to implant 2 embryos so that my chance is doubled? If BOTH works, EVEN BETTER. Would that cost double too?

    I do not see my Gyno until the Lap app day so I can use anyone's advice for now

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Feb 2005

    Hello Maya,

    Good to see you again. It sounds like you are coming along in your diagnosis and treatment path.

    I'm not sure how the clinics in Canada charge but if they are anything like here, there is no extra fee for having two embryos implanted. What you are basically paying for in IVF is the procedure.

    Here I've noticed that if the patient is under 35, they try to persuade you to only have one put back because they wish to decrease the incidence of multiples. Of course, not everyone who has two put back will have twins but it does happen and I suspect the younger you are and the better your embryos, possibly there is a great chance of twins.

    I think the reasoning behind two for older women is that the embryos of the older woman may not be as vigorous, also she doesn't have as long to wait for success. As you can see from my ticker, I decided to have two transferred but initially I was thinking only one.

    If you feel strongly about having two transferred, it might be worth ringing your doctor before the procedure (and maybe the counsellor at the clinic) so that they can talk about possible risks and benefits of the two choices.

    One other thing I've noticed is that opinion is even divided among doctors about whether two increases your chances or not. Mine is of the opinion that it does but I know some who don't think that. Perhaps it depends on what the doctor has observed for him or herself in practice. In the end though the decision is yours so I wish you best of luck with it.

    And good luck with your lap! Hope to see you here again soon. Sorry for the very wordy reply to your very simple question.



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    Maya Guest

    Thanx SO MUCH for your feedback and opinions, Mel!

    That really opened my eyes. I know what I am going to ask my Doc. Maybe persuade him to implant 2 embryos. I believe 2 is better chance than one too. It only makes sense to laymen like us, right?

    Thank you again, Mel!