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    Sep 2004

    IVF Cycle

    I've had a number of IVF cycles and it appears that the medication and protocol I've been on has been very different to everyone else.

    I have 2 questions:

    1. I was wondering whether anyone can summarise what their IVF cycles ave involved!!!!

    2. My Dr has said that my next cycle may involve human growth hormone which should improve the quality of the eggs being collected. Has anyone used this drug before?

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    Sal Guest

    Sheree, as you know I've only had the one IVF. It involved down-regulation from CD 25 prior cycle then lucrin a few days later, 10iu injection per day (until EC). From CD2 I took GonalF 150iu daily, then HcG 5000 to trigger.

    I think that is the 'standard' protocol at SIVF, except for the provera, which I think is given to younger women and women with PCOS (to prevent ovarian cysts forming when the lucrin is started).

    I notice that you have very high levels of hormones in your cycles - I'm wondering whether severe endo necessitates this????

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    Sep 2004

    Well I only had a half a go at IVF, as you know Sheree, but I can tell you what was intended. I have no idea really what it is called, but it started with Provera at CD19 started the Lucrin (10ui) on CD23 with the provera finishing on CD25. Then on CD3 started the GonalF injections (150 for 6 days then down to 112.5, then next day 75, then next day 37.5, then next day cancelled).

    Following that was to be the trigger, collection, transfer of 5 day blast, pessaries and final pg test.

    Not sure about the Human growth hormone... ? Sorry.


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    Apr 2004
    Sydney, NSW


    I have had 2 cycles of IVF as you know, the first was a flare cycle, and the second the downreg protocol that the other girls describe.

    The flare cycle is much faster and essentially starts on CD2 with GonalF (mine was at 150IU dly), with blood tests on D5, BT+U/S D7/D10, trigger of BHCG 5000U on D10, EC on D12. I had Orgalutron to stop me ovulating from CD7-CD10. All was great till then, we got 18 eggs, and then as you know our disaster with none fertilising. So, ICSI reinsemination 24 hrs after collection, and transfer of 2 x GIII embryos on D6 after collection. None for freezing. Hormone levels were fine so I did the BHCG injections instead of pessaries. Result BFN with AF arriving day before BT.

    The second cycle was the down reg protocol starting on CD19 with Provera 10mg for 7 days. Synarel from CD22 twice a day. AF was a week late with this protocol. GonalF on CD1, and from then it was pretty much the same as above. Blood test on CD3 (after 3 doses of GonalF at 150IU), BT+U/S on CD7 and CD10. Trigger on CD10, EC on CD12. This time only got 13 eggs, ICSI on 11/13; fertilised 7/11 with end result 2 GI blastocysts and 1 GII blastocyst. One transferred fresh, 2 in the freezer. Result - well, ask me in 7 days. My hormone (estrogen levels) were a bit high, they thought I was at risk of hyperstimulating, so no BHCG injections this time, just the low dose Progesterone pessaries (Crinone) twice a day.

    Not sure about the human growth hormone, but will look into my little books of tricks to see what I can find out.

    Hope this helps.

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    Jun 2004


    I've had three goes - all different.

    First: Down reg protocol.
    Called nurese on CD1. Started pill on CD2. From memory, I was on the pill for about 28 days. On about CD22 I started the Syneral for 25 days. On CD28 I stopped the pill, and on CD39 I started Gonal F injections. I had a couple fo scanst o check that the lining of the uterus was ok and that there were no growths on the ovaries (CD36) and again to check follicle growth (CD44). I stopped the Gonal F on CD 44. I stopped Syneral on CD45 and had the trigger that night. I was on 225IU of Gonal F and two sprays of Syneral 12hrs apart. On this protocol, we got 6 eggs. None fertilised.

    Second: Flare cycle.
    Much shorter cycle. No pill at all. Called nurse on CD1 and started Syneral on CD2 through to CD13. Started Gonal F injections on CD3 through to CD12. Trigger on CD13. Collected 11 eggs. One suitable for impantation. Got AF before BT. Was on 300IU Gonal F and twice daily Syneral.

    Third: Antagonist cycle.
    No Syneral. Started pill on CD5. Stopped on CD25. Start Gonal F CD31 through to CD38. U/s on CD36. Orgalutran injections on CD 36 - 39. Trigger on CD 39. Collected 11 eggs. @ suitable (did embryo biopsy on them to determine genetic defects - none). Two implanted. Got AF before BT. Was on 450IU Gonal F and 300IU Orgalutron.