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    Hi everyone.

    Just wondering if you could tell me how you felt when you were stimulating? I've heard people talk about feeling bloated and uncomfortable and I can't really say I'm feeling that way. Sometimes I think I feel bloated but then I convince myself it's just wishful thinking. I guess I'm just trying to prepare myself for bad news tomorrow.

    I'm on day 9 of injections and I have another b/t to check my levels because my last b/t (on day 7) weren't good (my gonal f dose was doubled at this time). It's a possibility that my cycle will be cancelled :frown:

    Also, does anyone know how many days you can stimulate for? Just wondering in case my levels have risen a bit and if they will maybe give me a few extra days to see how we go?

    Any info would be greatly appreciated!

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    Hi Willow,
    We got 14 eggs and I did not feel any diferent ie. no bloating or discomfort, so don't be worried about that.
    I know it is awful to have a cycle cancelled as it just seems like such a waste of time, money and energy both physically and emotinally but remember that the first cycle is often experimental, just to see how you react to the drugs. So IF they do have to cancel, then the next cycle will be much better. I think there is a limit to how long you have the FSH, but I am not sure how long it is. I think 9 days is a short to average time. I think once you get to 13 that would be long time.
    good luck - hope this cycle works out.

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