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Thread: IVF - Medicare rebate

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    Question IVF - Medicare rebate

    Hi Girls, just a quick question - how soon after you've paid for your cycle can you claim it at Medicare? Do you need to wait until the end of the cycle?

    If not, what happens if your cycle gets cancelled half way thru or something and you've already claimed it at Medicare?

    Can someone pls explain to me how it works?

    OK, so that was like 4 questions!
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    Not too sure. We were told when we started looking into IVF, that for our first go at it, all we had to pay was the shortfall (on day 4 of my cycle) - that the clinic would do all the claiming from Medicare & MBF for us.

    Maybe ring up Medicare and/or the clinic.

    Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

    Good luck with it all, here's hoping for a BFP soon!!!!!!!

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    Hi Willow,

    I think every clinic is different, but I can tell you what has happened with us!
    We have done 4 cycles of IVF with IVF Australia - we pay for the cycle up front, and once the cycle is completed (after transfer), they send us a summary of our cycle with a receipt attached.
    This is the receipt you take to medicare, where they pay you the rebate either by cheque or direct deposit into your account. (Anything over $1000 they won't give you over the counter in cash.)
    We have done 4 cycles and have always gotten the rebate before we have known the outcome (whether pregnant or not), so they are generally pretty fast (within 14 days after transfer).
    I think, though, it all depends on what clinic you are with, as I know some clinics you don't have to pay up front, and I presume if you pay as you go, you can prob claim along the way....??? I know this is how most IVF Australia clinics work though.
    Hope thats helpful!!!!!

    Holly xxx

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    Thanks Holly, we are with IVF Australia too and we have to pay it all up front. I wish they did it the other way! Would save a lot of mucking around and stressing about coming up with the money to cover it all.

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    Hi Willow,

    I was with IVF Australia in Maroubra.

    I paid $2400 (I think) up front and then my first cycle got cancelled. They asked if i wanted it credited to my next cycle or a cheque refund.

    My next cycle I paid up front again and then I got sent a receipt after the egg transfer (I think). So Medicare will then put it into your bank account in a few days or will send you a cheque within 4 weeks.

    Good luck!

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    I was with Hunter IVF and i paid everything up front, they sent a tax invoice to me once the cycle was complete or just before ( i can't remember exactly) but definately after transfer. Medicare gave me a cheque refund instead of cash while i waited.

    Godd luck!

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