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    Does anyone know what the policy is with single women wanting to use IVF. I have PCOS and although i havent been TTC my doctor has told me i have a very small chance of concieving naturally. I have been trying to research IVF and other paths online but nothing really answers my questions.

    Thought someone here might have some hints or suggestions

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    julia Guest


    I believe it varies from State to State. In Tassie we had to provide a marriage certificate since only married couples are offered IVF. Don't know about other states though.

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    im in WA too and just about to start IVF with Concept based at King Edward Hospital. if you google "concept fertility' for their website, you may find out your answer there, if not maybe email them or just give them a ring. I have found they are really nice there but i am trying to conceive with my partner. I guess you can only ask and see what happens.... good luck!!!
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    im in qld and am not married but have a partner and noone even asked, good luck

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