thread: Knowing your on a BFN before the b/t...

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    Knowing your on a BFN before the b/t...

    Hi everyone.

    I've been thinking in the last couple of days about my BFN (confirmed this morning with b/t). I think I knew it was coming even before my AF showed up on Sunday. In my body, it felt like a BFN about late Friday, early Saturday. What caused me to think this? It was subtle at first, but things changed in my body.

    At first I just wasn't feeling quite as tired, stopped needing to use the bathroom as often at night and then my BBs became slightly less sore, and finally (please excuse the TMI) I stopped being so constipated. I think even the headache I originally attributed to the Crinone was AF coming. I've reflected on these things, and perhaps I'm seeing this as a pattern that indicates already that I was a BFN.

    Aside from that, I just had a feeling of confidence leaving me, where I had felt confident up until Friday, even before I connected the symptoms.

    I'm keen to hear what people think about this and what their own experience was of "feeling" (both physically and intuitively) like they were on a BFN before it was confirmed.

    Is there a pattern? Is there a feeling? I don't want to overanalyse, but I think hearing about others experiences of BFN and their "feelings" (if you're willing to share of course!) would be helpful for me, and perhaps for someone else, or others too?

    Miss C

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    hi hun, i have never been pregnant so i don't know what it feels like. however, with all my full 3 cycles to date i have known about a week after transfer that it hasn't worked. the crinone plays havoc as it gives pg symptoms and you want to dare to dream but deep down i have known it wasnt' to be.
    i think when you are TTC for a long time you become more aware of your body, its signs and unfortunately AF habits. so even with all those drugs flowing through our bodies our inner intuition and knowledge can still be strong. i have heard lots of women say they were sure they weren't pg and they were but i haven't had that experience as yet.
    i know exactly what you mean about the confidence leaving you. everyone around me, DH, nurses, BB friends etc all say stay confident you could be pg but i have just known and i need to prepare myself for the eventual disappointment. i can't wait to actually be pg and be able to see if there is any difference but until them that is my experience.
    even though you knew before you got the results of your BT today it can still hurt hun, and linger so don't rush your feelings if you can help it. grief has a way of creeping up in my short experience of this journey if you don't allow it to happen whichever way for you. lots of hugs xx

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    Thanks dusty, heaps
    I think it's exactly right - after a few, even many cycles you would get to know your body's habits on the TWW more so, especially from a physical perspective. And blasted AF. Obviously with my first cycle and never being pregnant before I don't know what it's meant or not meant to feel like. Maybe I never will. But my intuition is in there, and I guess I trust it, and want to see if there are other people who trust theirs too. I can see you do also
    Who knows - Maybe it will prove us wrong eventually! We hope so
    I have realised I'm hurting a bit yesterday - but I've so many wonderful things to focus on at the moment, so I'm feeling really blessed.

    Thanks too, Kim.
    I guess now that I have one cycle under my belt, I will feel if anything is different next time round, which is an advantage and a positive. I find for me it's good to break things down and understand them in my own way so I can feel prepared and I suppose at peace with things that have happened. All is well
    Hope your little bub is doing well atm, and you're well too.


    Miss C

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    i agree hun, i will be so happy to be either proven wrong or right! (win win)
    take care and enjoy your special time xx

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