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    Post Laparoscopy

    We are just starting the assisted conception journey and first stop is a laparoscopy. Has anyone ever had one of these investigative procedures. The Dr has explained it all but just wondering if anyone can give me first hand info on their experience...

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    Hi, I had my first lap done almost 2 weeks ago. I found it fine, its such a common procedure so u shouldnt have any probs! With mine they found my tubes were blocked and not functioning so my only option will be IVF. My naturopath is changing my tonic and addins some more things as well so u never know... I could conceive naturally, but more than likely to result in ectopic...
    Anyway back to the lap, all I had was shoulder tip pain from the gas, didnt have any pain really, and I had spotting for 5 days.I also had a d & c and a hysteroscopy though. Hope this helps.

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    dolphin22 Guest


    Hi Bella_mum,

    I had a laporoscopy/hysteroscopy a few years ago and i pretty much had the same as kathy with the pain on the shoulder tip because of the gas. They didnt find anything wrong with me.

    I hope all goes well for you.


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    Thanks Kathy & Cindy. I am also having the hysteroscopy and d&c (or clean out as was so delicately put! lol).

    Cindy, if you dont mind me asking - what was the next step for you after they found nothing wrong?

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    I just had a lap and hysteroscopy and tubal dye done on Friday. I found the experience like the women above mention - but I find that my abdomen is tender and swollen and the muscles in my back are sore. I don't have any shoulder tip pain, but had pain around my collarbone. But overall, it is not very painful, I don't think.

    I had to have two shots of morphine went I woke up - but that was the worse pain I have experienced. Yesterday and today there has been only minimal pain and just general discomfort and stiffness.

    You get two incisions in your abdomen - one in your navel and the other lower down in your pubic hair (so you can't really see either one) - at least that is the case for me. Sometimes they need to have a bigger incision, but this is only if they find lots of endo and it is hard to remove.

    They didn't find anything with me - except they said they couldn't get dye up my left tube, although they couldn't find any reason why not. They didn't seem too worried about this finding. Overall, I think it is inconsequential for us, since we have bad MF and have been told we will need ICSI to conceive anyway.

    So it really depends on your situation as to where the treatment goes after your lap. If there is really bad endo, you may need to go in for another op to get rid of it all. Some docs put a mirena device (IUD) in to shrink the endo if it is really bad, and then operate again in two months time when it had shrunk a bit and is easier to remove.

    Sorry for the long post... hope it helps,

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    Hi Bella_mum,
    You'll find a lot of the people in the AC thread have had laps and hysteroscopies and D&Cs.
    I had all three in one go and had no problems in terms of recovery. Just the shoulder tip pain, which was frustrating - and much sorer than the abdomen.
    Due to the severe endo that they found (previously undiagnosed) i woke up with 4 incisions, but they are so very small and very well hidden and they all healed up like a charm.
    Went home about 3 hours after the op and stayed home for 3 days afterwards.
    It was my first admission to a hospital, and it went super smoothly.
    Good luck with yours.

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    Oh hun dont worry. Ive had about 6 done and Its not as bad as it sounds. Although you are in alittle pain after ( and I say Little) the thing I didnt like was After having it done I always get an ache in the right or left arm from the gas. But thats it.

    Hope all goes well.

    Good luck!!!

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    It is now about 60 hours post-lap and I woke up right as rain. Only prob is stitches which are coming out tomorrow.

    I think the emotional part of it is harder than the physical... at least that is how I am feeling at the moment ( ). (Am feeling like giving it all up!! LOL Will get over it... and then feel like giving up again, and then switch back again... as always in this LT TTC / AC journey...)

    Hope this helps,

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