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Thread: Late ovulation - good eggs? bad eggs?

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    Default Late ovulation - good eggs? bad eggs?

    I have heard that ovulating late in your cycle is not good as it produces bad eggs - is this true?

    I am currently on Clomid and Metformin and today is CD28 and I still don't think that I have ovulated

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    I have heard this as well. Apparently it increases the risk of miscarriage but I haven't seen any data on it so I'm not sure.
    I ovulate on about day 18 of a 28/29 day cycle. I've had two miscarriages and I've often wondered if it might be the reason, even though day 18 isn't really, really late but still....
    Not much help am I

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    Thanks Flea. Last month I ovulated on CD22 but AF arrived 8 days later. This is not good either is it?

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    I have often wondered about this too.

    I have been pg twice, and m/ced twice. With the first pg, I O'ed on CD26 and with the second, on CD20.

    Anyone know if this is considered a problem?

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    There is a mixed reaction to late ovulation. Remember our bodies are pretty clever (I know you're not thinking that at the moment )
    I havae spoken to a number of obs who deny there is an issue with late ovulation and over mature eggs. Many many women naturally ovulate later in their cycle and are happily mothers to healthy little people. I personally ovulate around cd16-18 naturally. On clomid I ovulate later as you know. I conceived my last angel baby on cd22 and she was a very healthy baby who as you know died due to other causes completely unrelated to ovulation times.

    The other issue is your Luteal Phase. The time after ovulation. It is thought the LP should be at least 12 days long in order for the progesterone levels to be high enough to sustain pregnancy. As you know the ovaries are what produces the progesterone in early pregnancy so this needs to be maintained in order for pregnancy to be maintained. A LP of 10 days or less can make it more difficult to maintain pregnancy. I say can because some women will be fine with a 10 day lp it will depend on when implantation occured. If implanatation occurs around 5 days post ovulation there is a good chance that the pregnancy can be maintained. If you implant at 8 days after ovulation it could be a bit tricky. Each pregnancy will implant at a different time. Some pregnancy's will implant early and some late. No woman has a particular time that she implants it will differ with each pregnancy. Generally it's thought tath most implantations occur between 5-8 days after ovulation. Althoght some will be a little later and some earlier.

    One of the things that is not uncommon to happen is that a woman will have a shortened LP after birthing. It can take a few cycles to get that back on track. Vitamin b6 and vitex are natural remedies for this (though they didn't help me at all )

    Women with shortened LP have a higher incidence of early miscarriages or chemical pregnancies.

    Is tomorrow your appointment LYnn??? I hope that you can get some answers. REmember that we ALL have annovulatory cycles from time to time also. Even on clomid that can happen. :hugs: :hugs:

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    My understanding is the same as Flowerchild's. I had a long LP that was helped by Vitex.

    Good luck.

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    With my DS4 I ovulated on day 42... With my daughter it was day 18 or 19 (clomid baby). I'm on clomid now and still don't think I have.. it's day 18. My thoughts are that if your body stimulates the follicle later in the cycle it's not really a mature egg. If it starts growing normal time but then gets released late then I'd guess it'd be "old". I guess it depends on your own body. Not much help am I? But I just want to reassure you that late o's isn't all bad!

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