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    Default A Little Bit Of Inspiration....

    Hi Everyone!!!

    Just wanted to share a little story with you all that made me smile yesterday...

    For those of you who don't know, I'm a piano teacher - I teach private lessons from home.
    When DH & I embarked on our first IVF, I made the decision to tell my students & parents - I didn't know how I was going to be on the medication - with sickness & needing to cancel lessons - but also with my mood... working with little people requires a lot of patience, as many of you out there would know , and I just wanted everyone to know my situation so if I wasn't quite myself, everyone could have a little patience with me!

    At the time, we wondered if we were doing the right thing, it just felt so public!, but after telling people, it was amazing the amount of people that were either in the same situation, had been in the situation, or knew people in the same situation.
    I even found out that a few of my students (from all different families) were IVF babies!

    One parent, in particular has been really wonderful - she had 3 babies, all IVF, and it has been great talking to her over the last couple of years.

    Anyway - to the main point of my story!!!

    She told me at the time she had her 1st son (11yrs ago), she was in a support group of women going through IVF, and made a really good friend in that group that had a little girl about the same time.
    She said that 11 yrs later, most of the ladies in their group still keep in touch - almost all of them have gone on to have 2 or 3 children... except for her friend that I mentioned.
    She always comments on how wonderful this woman is - she has continued to sit through coffee over the last 11 yrs and watch all of these other women have children repeatedly, and although still trying, was never able to have another one.
    Everytime I see this parent, I always ask her how her friend is doing - "Great, but still trying" - DH & I have often discussed where she must get the strength to carry on after so many yrs....I have said many times to my students parent that I may have to seek her out and find out where her inner strength comes from!!!

    Yesterday during a piano lesson, I had a knock at my front door, and it was this particular parent - her son had had his lesson the day before, and so I thought he may have left something here -
    She burst in the door with the biggest smile on her face, apologised for interrupting, but had to call in and let me know that her girlfriend I have been talking about had just found out she was pregnant!!!

    She said as soon as she found out, she had to come & tell me - She is forever telling me not to give up,stay positive,& has always used her friend as an example.
    She said a phonecall wouldn't have been enough and wanted to tell me in person, but couldn't wait a week until her son's next lesson to let me know!

    This story really touched me yesterday - I have never met this woman we are talking about, but have ofen thought about her and how hard the last 11 yrs must have been for her watching all of her friends continue to have children (and friends that all had difficulty TTC).
    DH & I have talked about her several times, and he has used her example on many an occasion when I have had negative moments over the years.....
    What a wonderful story, and a pregnancy could just not have happened to a more deserved lady...I also wanted to say that this woman continued to have IVf after IVF, surgery after surgery, and is now into her 40's.... this should give us all a little hope

    I hope you guys have enjoyed reading this post as much as I have enjoyed sharing it with you... since yesterday I am completely replenished with positive thoughts and inspiration!!!

    Love Holly

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    Thanks so much for sharing that Holly. She certainly must be an extremely strong woman to have continued IVF for so long and it is so great to hear that she has finally fallen pregnant. I hope she knows that her strength is inspirational to others.

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    What a wonderful story! Thank you for sharing. It just shows that with what ever odds you are faced with on your TTC journey... there is always hope.

    Thanks again

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    Holly...thanks for sharing this story. I have tears in my eyes.

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    Thanks for sharing a great story. The lady will never know she raised the spirits of so many strangers and made us smile.

    As i was reading i had a niggling thought in my head - I wonder how many people had said cruel and insentisitve things to her over those 11 years TTC #2. You know like - oh, why are you making #1 an only child etc, why don't you have another etc.

    I have had so much trouble with TTC # 1 and the horrid things people say. I guess when you are TTC # 2 and more, then there are a whole new range of insensitive things people say.

    She must be very strong and a great inspiration.

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    Thanks so much Holly for sharing that story. I went from frown to teary eyes to big smile to tears just reading it. It is so great to hear that someones devotion and perseverence has paid off with the greatest reward. I will be using this wonderful, strong lady as a reference point for myself from now on.
    If you think it appropriate, can you let the lady who told you that she has helped so many of us on here with here great inspirational story? Thanks if you can.

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