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Thread: Long Term TTC & Assisted Conception - Sept 2006

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    ~Jane~ Guest


    Megan and Kim you poor pets, what a terrible time you are having with this, I am sending every possible positive vibe and thought your way that this cycle is a success.

    Lou - I have just finished the pill on Wednesday and have my scan on Wednesday coming up and start jabbing on Thursday I think. I am going to get DH on nurse duty and see how he goes otherwise I will take over. He wants to help which is nice of him. As for being upset, we can all understand where you are coming from and I hope you are feeling better today. I had to listen to more inane conversations at work yesterday from the pregnant club, yesterdays topic of choice was wouldn't it be shocking to be pregnant and due around Christmas. When DH and I miscarried we would have been due around Christmas 2004 so I had steam coming out both ears LOL, although I must admit I get over it more quicly lately.

    I hope everyone is cruising along nicely going into the weekend. Have a great day.

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    Girls I am so sorry to hear that this cycle has been less than easy.... With my cycle i only got 2 eggs, but they both fertilised naturally (not icsi), so it does happen and i hope it happens for you both.... you must be very frustrated at the moment... take care love leis xx

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    Just creating a new thread for you girls


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