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thread: Long Term TTC, Infertility & IVF - August 2005

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Feb 2005

    Hi Ladies,

    Bee - I'm so sorry about AF. It's just not fair. Thinking of you.

    Anney - That appointment sounds like it went very well and the doctor seems wonderful. I hope the results of this two day blood test are good because it would be so great to be able to do that first cycle with your own eggs. Good luck with it all.

    Trish - Thinking of you for Friday with the BT and I hope this cycle goes really well for you.

    Keen - YAY at having a little cub on board! Wishing you a speedy TWW with a nice big fat positive at the end of it! Hope you've stuck some extra sticky vibes up there for yourself.

    All the Crinone discussion prompted me to ring my own clinic and ask what the go is. I was on Crinone from the day of transfer to the day of the first BT. One gel application a day which I put in just before bed. I asked the nurse if there was ever an occasion when they would prescribe progesterone for longer. She said that if the patient had bleeding, they would certainly do that. If not, they had found it was best to let the pregnancy get on with making its own progesterone. It's funny how every clinic seems to have different practices.

    Sush - sending lots of sticky vibes to you and I hope you and Keen will be graduating very soon. Can completely understand the urge to pee on a stick. It is so hard to resist.

    Going to head off to bed now so I'll bid you all good night.



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    Jul 2005

    Name Firemansgirl (Leisa)
    State NSW
    Previous cycle length 29-35
    Cycle type natural
    Medications Elevit 1 per day and 500mcg folic acid per day
    Important dates cystoscopy bladder 12th August

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    ness4 Guest

    Anney ~ I am gland that you have found a doctor in which both you and DH are comfortable with - I hope that it is just a small problem with the eggies that the doc can fix - good luck

    Trish ~ good luck for your test on friday

    I have come to the conclusion that all clinics work completely differently than the other - my clinic keeps you on masses of progesterone after a BFP, yet I have noticed that some girls are saying that there clinics stop cold when you get a BFP. My clinic's reasoning is not to stop feeding the embryo cold to gradually go off progesterone - they feel stopping cold of the stuff can stop the growth of the embryo as they are used to progesterone.

    You'd think that IVF would be an accross the board type thing where there is a standard practice - I am amazed that it is not.

    On a personal note 6 days after stopping progesterone the witch finally turned up, now I can move on to my next cycle - number 9.

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    Jan 2005

    Hi everyone Sticky vibes to Sush and Keen.
    Shell did u end up having ur BT?

    On the progesterone front after my IUI I had 1 pessary daily until 14DPO and then if BFP was to continue til 8 week pg. As my BT was inconclusive I had the pessaries for 3 weeks.

    Update on me
    I had my appt and BT 28/7 as AF was still very sluggish. (35DPO) Then I had an appt yesterday mt HCG from 28th was 1500 so up on the last one, the sac (empty) the dr saw on the 28th has gone from 7mm to 4.5mm so he thinks the miscarraige will eventually happen by it self BUT he can't definatively rule out EP so back for more BT monday pheww!!! Needless to say I am very frustrated because I just want to start again!! I went and saw my boss yesterday and have decided to take 2 weeks off to regroup.

    Sorry for the spill. Good luck to everyone. Here's to lots of Mothers Day sursrises...

    Shez xoxox

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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2005

    Shez, that wait must be so awful. Spill all you like, most times you need to tell/write it to get your head around it also. We are here to listen. So your doctor thinks there's another one in there?

    Anney, good luck on your journey, hope your eggies are ok. And good that you are comfortable with your doctor, it is needed.

    Cazz, it must be sooooo frustrating. I do think sometimes the nurses think you know more than you actually do. Sometimes I had to remind them that I didn't know. Then they are fine, take a step back & start again. Good luck.

    Sheree, hope AF comes when she's supposed to for you so you can get on the ride again. Wishing you all the luck in the world for this one.

    I have used progesterone pessaries for a couple of cycles, 3 a day. AF came about a day after stopping.

    And sticky vibes/best wishes for everyone else, hopefully the wait isn't too long.

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    Sep 2004

    I've been MIA due to a virus woohoo (not) - went to emergency yesterday morning and probably won't work this week. AF is due today. I sure hope it's a bit late becuase I don't want to be stimming while being sick. Although the doctor said that all I can take is panadol for the pain...

    Good luck everyone.

    Congrats to the BFP- I'm jealous!
    My empathy to the BFNs.

    Sorry for no personals - gotta go back to bed.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jan 2005

    Tam I think he is just hedging his bets he says there is a chance that the "sac" is just fluid or mucous from and EP??
    I give up!!
    Sheree I hope u feel better soon

    Love Shez xoxo

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Jan 2005
    2hrs from Sydney, NSW

    Keen, sorry I missed your post about transfer, congrats & hope the TWW speeds by, to get that nice little pressie at the end, a BFP.
    Sushee, not long to go for u now, this is your mth too I'm sure of it.
    Shazz, wow, your clinic should be more respectful of you, it is your body, your tests, your TTC, so they should give as much info as u want. My clinic luckily were good with the info, very forthcoming.
    Sheree, you poor thing, get well soon.
    Shez, I don't envy u at all, that must be hard.

    Well posted my details in the Pg after LT TTC & in the announcements!! :-)

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    Blue Sky Guest

    Congratulations Shel on your BFP!! Hope you have a happy and healthy 9 months!

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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Jan 2005
    in the valley of cuddles with mountains of smiles

    Congratulations Shell - about time =D> wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy

    how many do you think you have on board ?

    we might be going for a record number of lt ttc twins (triplets) by the looks of it

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    Blue Sky Guest

    Whoa - I've got a bit to catch up on. Here goes...

    Bec – Can’t believe they charge you for changing clinics!! Did they tell you why? Were you transferring frozen embies as well? Still, a bit harsh. Don’t they charge us enough as it is? grrr. Hope you’re doing ok with whichever clinic and that you get a BFP so you don’t have to worry about changing!!

    Ali – I have been tossing up whether to publicly “out” my Dr. Before I do, I must say that my experiences might just be a clash of personalities or something along those lines; others may find him perfectly fine. I’m with Dr McBain. I had Dr Fox for my last EPU and I felt so comfortable with him (and loved his cute bow ties). DH and Dr McBain get along well as they both follow the same footy team, but he also noticed the difference with Dr Fox.

    Mel – thanks for your good wishes. Was thinking that it may be good for a break and have a FET in Sept but SIL and niece came over yesterday and I got soooooooo clucky - I just want to get started again!! Will now asking if I can do FET straight away – if I haven’t left it too late. Will wait and see what Dr says tomorrow I guess.

    Caz – hope DH gives you the support you need. Hope it works out well for you

    Ness – sorry to hear that you have to go back to the needles/sniffing. Have my fingers crossed for you. When do you start?

    Sush and Keen – hope you’re hanging in there and that your embies are burrowing away. :luck:

    Bee – so sorry to hear that AF showed her ugly head.

    Shaz – I really feel for you in your dealings with the nurses. How far away is your clinic? I’d probably jump in the car with the drugs and march in there and demand some answers (don’t be fooled, I’m not a ball breaker – but stuff like that gets me really mad). Can you ring again and ask to speak to your Dr? Failing that, ring the nurses again and simply say – look, this is still not clear to me and ask them to explain it to you? Don't let them make you feel silly, you are the patient/customer and have a right to ask questions. I know its easy for me to say - I hope you get the answers you're after.

    Anney – sounds like your appt went well. Hope you’re able to join the rollercoaster ride soon!

    Shez – hope you’re able to get some rest and relaxation in your 2 weeks off. Your boss sounds very supportive.

    Sheree – hope that nasty flu goes away quick smart and you’re feeling better soon.

    Phew – hope I didn’t miss anyone. Hope you’re all doing well.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2005

    Congrats Shell, best of luck for the pg.

    Good start to the month, let's clear out this place. My memory isn't good with this many people, lol!!!!

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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Jan 2005
    in the valley of cuddles with mountains of smiles

    Tam - when are back on for next cycle on this crazy rollercoaster

    Blue - what cycle day are you - as long as they catch ovulation - keep pushing them to squeeze you in

    How is everyone else today ?

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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2005

    Trish, I have a couple of weeks until AF is due & then it's HRT FET.
    Feel like forever at the moment with all the action in here.
    Am enjoying doing nothing though. Actually feel like I'm living 'my life'

    Take care

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    BellyBelly Member

    Sep 2004

    Sheree - Hope you are feeling better soon sweetie. Rest up and take it easy.

    Shez - You poor thing! Must be a very frustrating and upsetting time for you. Good idea taking some time off for yourself :hugs:

    Ness - Sorry to hear the evil one has showed again. :hugs:

    Trish - your transfer date is the same as my BT date. Lets [-o< we both have good results.

    Leisa - I have added your details to the front page summary.

    Anney - Here's hoping you find yourself someone wonderful very soon. It sounds as though your doctor is very nice and I really think that is so important in all this.

    Blue - Fingers crossed for you getting the chance at a FET straight away.

    Well guys I phoned the doc about the progesterone and he said he will look at it but cant see why I would have to be on it for longer. I told him if it doesnt hurt for me to be on it and it will put my mind at ease then can I just do it anyway. He advised me that no-one in our area stocks it (but I could get it elsewhere if that was a problem). Said he would look at my levels and speak to the nurses about it later today.

    It just seems so strange that it is only for 7 days post transfer when everyone else I have spoken to has it for at least up until BT....??

    Wish there would be some basic guidelines that all IVF places followed so you could know what you should and shouldnt be doing.

    Otherwise though am feeling pretty good. A bit bored with all this sitting around stuff... but otherwise good... just tapping fingers.... waiting.

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    Sal Guest

    Keen, for my fresh IVF cycle with SIVF I didn't have progesterone support at all. It does seem odd to have support for only a week of your luteal phase, did the doc explain how one week's support is helpful and is all is required?

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    BellyBelly Member

    Sep 2004

    No explanation given really Sal. Was your fresh cycle the successful one?

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    Sal Guest

    Nope, fresh didn't work (although the doc thought the blast was wonderful looking) and FET didn't work for me (the blasts didn't thaw very well, they were put back anyway but I had no hopes for that cycle). I managed to fall pg on my IVF 'break' after hassling my doc to put me on Metformin! PCOS is a very weird and frustrating condition to have...

    Have you had CD2/3 BTs done for FSH/LH levels? Your amazing response to stimming is the sort of thing seen in a PCOS woman (I remember you saying you don't have the cyst appearance on your ovaries but some PCOS women don't).

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