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thread: Long Term TTC, Infertility & IVF - September '05 #2

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    Sep 2004
    Melb - where my coolness isn't seen as wierdness


    I completely admire women who resist POASing As you well know, I'm as weak as pi$$ as well when it came to holding out.

    Keen, am keeping a keen (no pun intended) eye on your FET this month. I just gots me a feeling....

    Tam, Shez, Sheree and everyone else in their TWW, :bluestick:


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    Jul 2005

    Hi girls

    Well i succeeded in doing my first lucrin injection this morning.. I am a nurse and i still found it really hard to stick that needle in!!! I even made one of my friends come over who i work with to back me up if need be.. i felt very light headed at first then thought 'oh for Gods sake get a grip'.. I really don't know how druggos can do it! After I had finished i was so proud of myself.. and its my 30th birthday today.. BOOHOO! Does this mean that suddenly overnight my fertility has dropped by 2 per cent???

    DH is at work in sydney, I was so proud I had to ring and tell him! He said that when he gets home he is happy to do it.. at first he bunged it on and said no way i can't do that. He said the reason for changing his mind is that he thinks its the sex part of the IVF...its where his usefulness comes in.. Oh i just cracked up big time...

    I must be going mad! I have noticed that when i see a number plate with the letters CD or AF or BFP or BFN.. all i can think about is this forum.. ???

    ok enough waffle take care everyone and will check in later

    love leis xx

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    Jan 2005

    Thanks for the well wishes everyone. As for symptoms who knows!! My last two IUI I had really sore boobs from really early on whereas this one I haven't they feel a little heavier and are itching like crazy but thats about it. I am very tired but I'm also in the middle of doing 3 weeks of night duty so it's probably just that.
    Question... do the progesterone pessaries always delay AF? I used them last cycle but I got pg and m/c so I can't compare....

    :bdust: dust: to all

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    Blue Sky Guest

    Shez – I think progesterone does delay AF but am not sure. Sorry – not much help am I?? Wow only three days to go!! I’ll do a special puppy footsie rub for you!
    Leis – well done on your injection!! And happy birthday!! :happybday: Hope you have/had a great day sweetie!! Don’t worry about being a bit squeamish – I know a doctor who can’t stand the sight of blood!! Go figure!
    Keen - I agree with Sushee & Humphrey – your days here are numbered!! (and I mean that in the nicest possible way!!)
    Humph & Tam – Not many sleeps to go now!! I’ve ordered in some tailor made sticky vibes, they should be arriving on your doorsteps very shortly!!
    Amanda – hope everything went swimmingly today!
    Hi Mel – love the new belly on your av!! How sweet!
    Caz – don’t worry about hassling the nurses – that’s what they’re there for! I think the receptionist knows my voice now!!! I hope that your doc can find some answers for you.
    Ali – has that nasty witch arrived yet?
    Hi Gillian and welcome. Happy anniversary for yesterday – or the day before yesterday!
    Kelly – fingers crossed and puppy paw rubs for your scan tomorrow!!

    As for me, ah nothing much happening here!! Had a BT on Monday and my P4 level was down to 3. Am going to wait the next cycle out and give it a shot after that. So I’m here for moral support to cheer you guys on!! Go girls, go girls..

    Oh PS – Look at moi, look at moi… I’ve got an av piccie thing!! You can now see the puppy paws!! (sorry, my little bit of excitement for the week!!)

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    Aug 2005

    Hi everyone
    I've been lurking every day but, it's getting so busy in here and I'm having trouble keeping track!!!
    Blue, that pic is truly blue-tiful. Sorry about that.... #-o So, you'll be cycling in October? We may almost be on the bus together for at least part of the ride again. I'll be starting a flare cycle around 19th October.
    To everyone else, I'm thinking of you all. The seedlings planted on Saturday are thriving......
    Sue :luck:

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    Feb 2005

    Love the Av Blue, looks great
    I haven't done anything like that, not sure about it.

    Sue it is hard in here isn't it, we need graduates, we aren't supposed to 'hang around', lol

    Take care all

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    Blue Sky Guest

    Hi Sue! Flower girl you! hehehe
    I guess if AF shows (she has a tendancy not to) I will be boarding the October bus with you!! Woo hoo, express to preggoville thanks driver!!
    Just have to sit and wait at the bus stop I guess...

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    Aug 2005

    Hey Bluesky, thought I might start another thread for things we can do on the bus seat... :-k
    Sue :luck:

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    Apr 2005
    Sydney, NSW

    Blue - you're so pruuutty and your puppies are so cuuute.

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    Blue Sky Guest

    Thanks Humphrey!! Must say though that the puppies are more true to life than the piccy of me.. heheheee

    Hmmm Sue - We can start chanting? Read a book? Play paper, rock, scissors? Or maybe we can get energetic and run between bus stops? Race you to the next one!!


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    Aug 2005

    I like the idea of racing between bus stops. I'll head south, you head north and we'll meet somewhere near Tarcutta.
    On our bad days, we can drink out of brown paper bags like winos....

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    amandaw Guest

    Hello all

    Things went well yesterday - thanks for all your kind thoughts...

    Dr confirmed that my AIH was a bit earlier than I'd expected because my hormones had loved the puregon injections and were kicking off ovulation all by themselves...so, the deed is done, and I'm now on the TWW (blah!)

    As an aside, I actually grew up in Tarcutta, so can be your tour guide if you so desire...it'll take all of 3 minutes to see the sites...


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    Feb 2005
    Planet Earth, Apparently.

    Gee, dont post for a day and miss all sorts of bus stop racing. Stop having fun you two :P (or at least can I play too? 8-[ )

    Keep the folli growing vibes flowing and the puppies feet rubbed, scan is at 830am tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

    Amanda, glad to hear all went well - hopw to join the AIH 2ww soon!

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    Apr 2005

    Hi girls

    Hope everyone is doing well.

    Trish - I'm so sorry your precious embie didn't make it :hugs:

    it's sooo hard to keep up with everyone in here lately, my deepest apologies for lack of personals, but I've been working so much and just haven't had a chance to keep up.

    I'm still waiting on AF to arrive....................13 days late!!! I am now on tabs to bring it on and it should be here tomorrow. I will then start my new cycle in a couple of days after AF.

    I've had a really emotional day today, my dad is very sick from his radiotherapy and today it just seems as though everything has beaten me. I will be having a very early night.

    Promise to try to do more personals very soon


    Ali xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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    Blue Sky Guest

    Hi Ali,
    Sorry to hear you're having a rotten day Take care of yourself - tomorrow's another day. Hope things get better for you and that AF finds her way to see you soon.

    Sue - I've managed to run to the bus stop in the next suburb so far. Am looking forward to having a drink with you at the Tarcutta Pub (trade in our brown paper bags?)

    Amanda - I hope these next few weeks fly by for you with a lovely great whopping BFP at the end!! By the way - is there a pub in Tarcutta?

    How are you Ness? Haven't seen you in these parts for a while

    Hope everyone else is doing ok. Humph and Tam and others in your TWW I found some sticky vibes on e-bay and have put in a bid for you!!
    Hmmm maybe we should get that AF picket line happening again!

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    Jan 2005

    here here to the sticky vibes and picket line I will be POAS on friday....

    love to all

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    May 2005
    South Australia

    Scared but Excited

    AF has turned up this morning rather than Sat which is bad in one way as it means another unsuccessful month of TTC naturally but it also means I can book on for a FET today YAH. I am excited yet **** scared at what is to come as not sure what comes next or when. My tummy is in knots just waiting for 9.30 to come so I can ring repromed. As I am on night shift I shall not sleep well today I'm sure.

    Praying for a IVF Miracle

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    amandaw Guest

    Bluesky, there is indeed a pub in Tarcutta (the pub and club are the only two constants while everything else, with perhaps the exception of truckstops, close down)...I used to drink raspberry and lemonade there as a young tacker (we moved from there when I was 12).

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