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    I recently had an ectopic pregancy and am now doing IVF. I have now had my first month of IVF and had a blood test today. My HCG levels were 28 and it is day 32. the nurse told me it should be around 80. I just had brown discharge and i'm worried it is ectopic again. I have to wait until Friday to be re tested!!! can anyone help me???

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    Hi Mona,

    I'm sorry about your ectopic. It must have been hard.

    What a shame they can't retest earlier than Friday. I hope your levels go up in the meantime. At the moment, it is really hard to even guess what is going on.

    I had a low initial BT for the cycle in which my son was conceived. The level was higher than yours though. I really sympathise as it is difficult to know how you feel about things while you are in limbo. I hope Friday's BT can sort it out for you one way or the other.

    Kind regards,


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    Thinking of you Mona it definately is a shame they are waiting till Friday to retest i hope you get he results that your hoping for

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    Thanks for the support. Today I passed a blood clot which scared me a bit. I rang the nurse at the clinic but she just said there is nothing they can do until the next blood test. The cramping stopped after the clot had passed. I havent had any more bleeding though. I am even more confused!

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    Oh Mona, sending you big hugs sweety. Praying that its not another ecoptic sweety and that all will be well. I know first hand how awful they can be. You should insist on a bt earlier than Friday - as hcg should double every second day, they can retest before Friday. It will at least help your emotional state if you can them earlier.

    praying for you and sending loads of hugs your way,

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    Thanks. I started bleeding (like a period0 on Wednesday so I arranged for a blood test the next day, as I was aready at work on Wednesday. The HCG level had dropped to 5. We cant do anything this month as they said to wait til next month. I'm relieved that at least it wasnt ectopic. Better luck next time!

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    Oh Mona!

    Hugs to you....

    Wishing you all the luck and best wishes in the world next time...

    Take care.

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