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Thread: LT TTC & Assisted Conception Aug-Sep 2010

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    Had EPU today. We got 3 eggs but none of them was mature. No idea why as size and estrogen level were completely fine. Don't know where to go from here. Just devastated.

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    Really gutted for you Kristine - not sure what else to say but big hugs! I hope you can have another go soon and perhaps up the dosages so you get more.
    A big alcoholic drink and some choccy in order I think hun.

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    Kristine - I'm so so very sorry to hear that.

    Alice - Thanks for the suggestion, although this needle isn't kept in the fridge. I get what you mean though. Last night's needle wasn't too bad. I poked myself a couple of times to find a slightly less sensitive area. lol

    I had to stop using bandaids (actually, they're elastoplast fabric ones) because there is a red bandaid-shaped mark on my belly. I showed the nurse today. It's quite silly really. Got good news.. all set to do EPU and DH's biopsy on Thursday. It's weird to finally get some answers. Crossing everything that they find some sperm. The ultrasound lady said I had a couple of big eggs ready-ish, and the others might be big enough by Thursday. I'm not too worried about eggs to be honest. It's all about DH now. eek.

    to everyone.

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    Ladies i am so crushed to hear your having such a hard time with AF turning up and no embies for freezing! Krsitine i cant even imagine what you must be feeling at the moment, you have gone through so much doing a STIM cycle for it to end like this! Im sending lots of hugs your way and i hope you are coping the best you possibly can be! i am really feeling so gutted for you xxxx
    Thanks ladies for the support, everyday just seems like a stuggle at the moment! its work thats getting me down with all the pg ladies and iv had a falling out with alot of the girls over one silly drama with one of the girls (some people need to grow up) anyway im just hoping i start to pick up again becasue i hate feeling like this and i want to be excited for our cycle. I hope everyone else is doing well.
    I just wanted to share a thought, after all our 4 embies failed from our first STIM cycle i really questioned everything, i wondered why i was put through all thoses highs and lows for nearly a yr to get nothing out of it at the end, well i still don't have the answers but i do believe that EVERYTHING happens for a reason and our journey has been incredibly hard but im stronger for it. I hate going through this journey but it hurts me so much to know there are so many other ladies going through the same. xxxx

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    Kristine I am so sorry to hear that hope you're ok

    Trishy - big to you too

    Loops and nicoleh - sorry you didn't get any to freeze

    Hi frugal, saffy, Alice, oneday, Kaybee - hope I haven't missed anyone - on my phone and it's a bit hard to follow the thread!

    I'm still at work - started at 8 this morning - hopefully I'll be home by 11 tonight - long day! My transfers in the morning

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    Default BFN :(

    Hi Ladies
    No BFP coming from me Im afraid, started to get bit more blood last night, then about 1am cramps started coming, this morning more blood and BFN on POAS. So im out and pretty devastated. Dont really have any confidence left now all I know is I will be getting smashed next few weekends with parties on and then Im going to focus on losing my belly Ive gained with all the stress and try to just have fun with DH. Thats about all I can do right now.

    I wish you ladies much more success then us, good luck!

    Frugal ~ crossing everything for you and wishing you all the best! Hope DH gets a great result or at least one you guys are happy with.

    Oneday ~ totally understand where you are coming from - hey Im in that head space too right now but we are strong woman and we will get through. Our dreams will come true one day soon. Wishing you the best too hun - hugs

    Kass ~ thanks chicky and crossing everything for you for tomorrow, good luck.

    True ~ Good luck chicky for your FET.

    Hi to everyone and Im sending out lots of babydust, stickyvibes to all!

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    Hi everyone, **warning pg mentioned **

    I haven't been on here for a couple of months but have been lurking. There are so many new faces here and some familiar ones too.

    I am starting a new fresh cycle next month (10th) after a bfp on my last cycle in July. Unfortunately we lost our baby in September at 10 weeks. (Sorry, I still don't know how to actually utter/write those words without it sounding blunt or flippant) We were absolutely devestated. After getting over the initial shock and having decided to wait until next year because I didn't think I could cope with another cycle, we changed our minds and decided to try and fit in another cycle before Christmas. I gave it a lot of thought and thought that I may as well seeing as Christmas will be a hard time anyway, so may as well feel like I'm doing something positive. Does that make sense? Sometimes I think this whole process throws 'normal' sense out the window!!!!

    We have decided to get away for a break next week and will begin jabbing the day after we get home. We are aiming to get a few more embies as we only collected 4 eggs last time, of which only one fertilised normally.

    I remember reading that someone else in here will be starting on 9th Nov. Sorry, but I have a hard time catching up with it all as this thread is so busy right now.

    Loops, I'm so sorry about AF. She is a BEAST. I know it has been a hard slog for you both. But I also know that you are a very strong, positive person and you WILL get there. NEXT YEAR WILL BE YOUR YEAR. In the meantime, let your hair down and enjoy all the good things that life has to offer and recharge.
    I found a quote the other day that, to me, sums up this whole rollercoaster, so I have put it on my sig.

    Kass - How did your transfer go?

    Kristine - Big hugs to you. I'm so sorry that you have had to go through all that with no result. Hopefully your FS can learn from this cycle and your next will be a success. Take care of yourself and spoil yourself where you can.

    To everyone else, good luck with your sniffing, jabbing, poking, prodding, etc.

    Sending a tonne of baby dust to you all.

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    Ohhhh Tantee: hugs chick very understandable on your choice to do another cycle now.
    Loops: huge hugs chick
    I think hugs are needed for everyone in here so sad to see.

    AFM: I finally got the smiley apparently I o late I o'd on sunday so FET will be sat and then we are off on a holiday with phones off af is due next thursday so am hoping she stays away anywho hugs agian everyone

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    loops - I am so sorry, this is so hard and the BFN never gets any easier, sending huge cyber hugs your way
    kristine - Sorry for you having to go through that, hugs
    trueblue - good luck with fet - fx for a BFP
    kass - hope the transfer went well
    tantee - good luck with this round in Nov
    frugal - good luck for tomorrow, hope you get a nice supply of eggs and your DH has a good result
    hi to everyone else

    I have woken up this morning with a virus (so has DH) burning up, can't swallow, ache all over - great timing. Still praying af won't show this weekend

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    Hey ladies,

    So much to catch up on - don't know how much I'll get typed before I get interrupted.

    I'll start with the biggest ever hugs for Loops and Trishy I'm so sorry girls. This process never ceases to burn with pain. I also think nature is so cruel letting us get our hopes up every time. You had me believing this would be it. You will be ok. You can pick yourself up and get on with it (either more ivf or real life)- we are all here for any hugs, vents or anything else you need.

    Kristine - hugs to you too. I can understand how devastated you must be. I honestly don't know what I can say to you. I hope the pain doesn't stick around for too long.

    Oneday - sorry you're still having a hard time keeping everything together. The pregnant friends issue is just so hard, isn't it. There are a few threads in here that I have found really helpful in dealing with it, but it is always always always an issue.

    Kass - I am sending some serious sticky vibes your way. How did it all go today?

    Saffy - I'm not very good with all the abbreviations, what's AB's?

    Nic - hope your bubs are making themselves right at home in there. Sorry to hear you haven't got any back-ups. I guess you've already told yourself that you won't need them anyway because these two are going to stick. What a dilemma for the weekend? Again, we are all praying that AF won't come and it won't be an issue. There is always something that interferes with these damn ivf cycles - wish real life would stand still for a while.

    Tantee - oh my god I'm so sorry. I just don't know what to say - I'm sorry. I love your courage quote.

    Nightwalker - massive congratulations to you!!! Have a great 9 months!

    True - woohoo - the smiley face!!! Good luck for your transfer!

    Alice - I agree that you should go and get yourself checked out if you think something is amiss. Could it be OHOSS (or whatever it is - the over stimulated ovary thing)?

    Frugal - it's probably too late now, but have you tried putting a bit of ice on the spot where you're going to inject for a few minutes before it?

    Phew - I think that's everyone. Sorry if I've missed you

    AFM - I'm stunned, stoked, shocked and very very happy. It seems that I am about to ovulate any day now. I was just a bit slow to get going. Thank god for that! E2 is up around 1000 now and LH is just beginning to rise. Surge should be tomorrow or next day. Phew. That's one little hurdle (almost)

    Have a good day ladies

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    Loops - so sorry this wasn't the one I hope you can at least enjoy the next few weeks of 'normal' life.

    Tantee - so sorry to hear of your loss - good luck with your next round

    True, Kaybee - glad you're both on the way! I think we started out about the same but I've beaten you to the transfer! Good luck!

    Frugal - good luck for you both on Thursday

    nicoleh - hope you're feeling better soon

    My transfer went pretty well this morning, emby was 'AA' and hatching, and although it wasn't completely easy - still a bit long and needed anaesthetic - it was heaps better than last time. I'm really hoping this will be the one.

    to all!

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    Hi Ladies,

    I hope you don't mind me joining this thread.

    I have just finished my 3rd round of IUI which was unsuccessful, now the FS has said next step is IVF. I am a little scared, so far I have only had to take oral medications so the thought of having to inject myself daily is very daunting. I am also very scared of the mood swings, I hope DH is ready for Hurricain Nelly. I meet with the Dr next week to discuss the process then not sure when exactly we will start.

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    Welcome nelly- sorry IUI didn't work, don't stress about the injections, I am the queen of mood swings and they haven't really had much effect on me ( thus far) so hopefully it won't be as bad as you fear.

    Kass- hopefully you will get a bfp so the transfer pain will be worth it!!

    Kaybee- yay for Oing, hope you catch the eggy! (ABs are antibiotics, sorry its cos I am a nurse-we abbreviate everything!)

    Nicoleh- sorry your blasts couldn't freeze but hopefully you won't need them cos you will be pregnant FX. Your weekend sounds like a nightmare- can you cancel everyone if you are both sick? I couldn't handle having visitors either if AF came, I would want ot hide away, lets hope it won't be an issue xx

    trueblue- hi hun, enjoy your phoneless holiday ( good idea, my DH wouldn't have a bar of it I am sure lol) and FX the witch stays away next week x

    tantee- so sorry to hear about your loss, that must have been devastating, best wishes for the next cycle, I like your quote too!

    Loops- I'm shattered for you hun, bloody AF, go and enjoy yourself and try to forget it all for a little while xxx

    Frugal- best of luck for Thursday!

    kristine- that is terrible news you poor thing xx

    oneday- I don't know how you can cope at work seeing everyone pregnant, that must be awful- stay strong it will be you one day xx

    Springlola- how are you going mate?

    to everyone

    I am starting antagonist injections tomorrow, my clinic gets us to do them in the morning for some reason, scan on Friday- hope the result is better than last time!

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    Hi everyone, been laying low for a while and lurking...feeling heaps better about cycle . Have ultra sound and bloods on friday..there shall be no cancelling this time, I'm running with what ever is there, worry about it later I guess.

    Saffy: Thanks for asking after me, my bloods are 9am and US 9.15, then off for my acupunture..sounds like everything is ticking along for you.

    Loops: So sorry that this has happened , enjoy your time off to enjoy life...

    Nightwalker: Congrat's thats fantastic news, have a great 9 months.

    To Everyone else: Seems to be so many of us at differant stages of lucky for this forum to vent our pain and elation..which can change to either at any given time...thinking of you all and lurking

    I'll be lurking and keeping track of you all in the TWW thread,....and then in the PG thread...

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    Hi ladies been laying low as haven't had much to say and do but I promise I'll catch up with everyone soon. Started my injections this morning so guess I'm on my way again have first scan on Monday so we will see how that goes

    Will come back soon and do personals

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    Hi ladies, well firstly i need to just let out a big sigh after my incredibly hard day, today i had to say goodbye to my uncle, he passed away last week age 53 a big shock to everyone, it was such an emotional day! Its times like these i really do wonder about life and realise everyday i am in this life i am so lucky.

    Tantee, thats me starting lucrin on the 9th! Are you also starting lucrin/synarel spray on the 9th? Im getting excited/nervous as the date nears, its just the unknown im scared we will be unsuccessful again but then excited that this could finally be it!! I also lost my first pg in july I wish you all the best for your cycle xx

    Saffy i really dont know how i cope with it either i guess i just have to but it does really get to me and some days i come home and have a cry. Goodluck with everything xx

    Loops i am so sorry to hear about AF i know what that feels like and it truly is an awefull feeling, big hugs your way and you enjoy those drinks girl xx

    Kaybee, goodluck with your cycle, its funny the things we get excited about hey, i was jumping for joy when AF came and i made it into westmead xx

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    I got my blood test result and it was 35 so need to test again on Sat. So I have to wait and see. Bit hard to stay positve with the amount of blood loss though

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    Hey Ladies,

    So Trishy - it's not over yet - let's hope you are one of those amazing stories we all hear about!

    Oneday - I'm sorry about your uncle. It is good to use those horrible times to remember to be happy for ALL that we do have and not always focus on what we want.

    Springlola (I know you're there) - best of luck for this cycle (and for dealing with the elation and pain that you mentioned)

    Saffy - what's your friday scan for? Lining and follies???

    Kass - How are you feeling? Isn't the wait just torture!

    Nelly - Hi, welcome - may your stay here be short and sweet. I wouldn't worry too much about the mood swings (my DH might say otherwise) but really don't think it's any worse than the pill.

    AFM - well, here I am, on here everyday again after I swore to myself I would be a casual lurker this time round - I just can't keep away from you all . So, I have O'd - yay for my ovaries! My transfer is booked for next Wednesday and I'm very excited. I might as well enjoy this lovely high feeling while it lasts before I come crashing down after my BT the following Friday. I DTD last night too to catch the egg and give myself maybe a bit more chance of getting UTD - surely one of them will implant, right????

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