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thread: LT TTC & Assisted Conception Aug-Sep 2010

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    May 2010

    Kristine, it is very hard! My SIL had her 3rd in may and my sister is due in december! I found out the day before my birthday that i had lost my baby and then on my family birthday gathering i had to fight back so many tears that wanted to burst out as i watched everyone looking at my sisters ultrasound pictures, it was the hardest thing i had to face only days after i lost mine. But strangly i have now found a way to be happy for them and put my feelings aside, i organised my sisters baby shower and it didnt worry me at all. I will admit i do somedays wonder why cant it be me too but i know oneday it will be me. There's no way to deal with it best just deal with it the best you can, if you need to walk away and have a cry do it, every family member or friend that told me they were pg in the past yr i have always put on a brave face but when i go home i always break down, i just feel like everyone is getting their happiness and DH and i are still here waiting! I always find a way to move on from it though and you will too just allow your self to grieve xxxx

    Im off tomorrow morning for Fiji so i wont be able to chat for a week i will miss BB lol. Seeya ladies xx

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    Jun 2010

    frugal welcome to the thread an all the best with your cycle. I hope it works 1st time for you.

    Loops will be thinking about you on Wed. Do you know if you are am or pm epu, I dont know until they workout the lists.

    Nightwalker all the best for your transfer tomorrow and welcome. Sending you heaps of sticky baby dust. Your numbers are like mine. I have done both types of cycles and I actually got 2 embies from down reg and only one from anta. Possible duw to my age more than anything else. Everyone response differently, as we all have our own reasons as to why we have issues. Speak to your FS about improving egg quality. Maybe try and naturopath or accupunture.

    Kass I dont think it is silly, we pin so much hope that AF wont come and we get our big fat possitve. But at the same time if it isnt the month we want to get things moving.

    oneday I get put to sleep so cant help with your q. Hopefully someone can put your mind at easy. Are you happy with the new FS?

    springlola I love my accupunture too, it gives me time to chill whilst there and I also sleep well after it.

    kristine all the mums at my mums group have all had their 2nd kids or are pregnant. Babies have been popping out through my whole jorney. If it is obvious I am upset I am honest and explain its about my feelings not about them as I am happy and excited for them. Mostof the time I come on here and spill how I feel, rather than talk to them about it. Goodluck with your cycle.

    ATM My mum is still in hospital, daughter is still sick and I have the sniffles. Had my blood test yesterday and everything is going to plan for EPU on wednesday.

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    Apr 2010

    Hi Ladies. Hope you are all well. Its been a few months since I last checked in, but I am back on the IVF rollercoaster. Trying a different protocol this time - antagonist, so two injections a night. And the FS has upped the Puregon to 450iu! Was a bit nervous about this, but seems to be going well so far. Anyway, I think my EPU will be on Friday, which also happens to be my birthday. I am hoping that is a good sign!

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    Jun 2010

    Ehm goodluck for your epu. There will be a few of us in the 2ww together.

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    Hi All

    Good luck to the newbies Kristine, Frugal & Nightwalker

    Fatslimgirl - How are you going?
    Loops & Trishy - good luck with your epu on Wed,, hope all goes well for you both
    oneday - I have been knocked out both times for EPU, never had a choice to do it any other way and I am happy to do it that way!
    springlola - the royal jelly does not sound too good, I have not tried it yet
    Hope everyone else is travelling along well

    AFM - saw FS for second scan this morning, eggs are not big enough so she is upping the dose of puregon to 300. I have another scan Wed & all being well EPU Friday. Grow eggs grow!! Would hate have the cycle cancelled & I am trying not to stress about it!

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    Sep 2009
    Adelaide, SA


    I am trying to get my head around what everyone has said - I am sorry if I am a little muddled up!

    Loops & Trishy - FX for some good healthy egglettes for your EPU on Weds xx

    Springlola - I take my Royal Jelly in a capsule form - I dont know how much better/worse it is - but there is NO taste = happy me.

    EHM - hope that the change in Protocol does the trick for you. best of luck for your EPU on Friday. Mine's looking like it will be Friday too!

    I don't know how you amazing ladies deal with SIL's and Sisters being pg. I would literally lose the plot! I am already stressing about how I am going to deal with Christmas this year... fx this cycle is the one for me!!!

    AFM - I had a BT & scan this morning - I was told that I currently have 8 follies to be "excited" about - and another 8 littlies that may just be big enough for an end-of-week EPU. Waiting on a callback from my FS to find out whether EPU is on Friday or not - I have accidentally missed 2 calls from them already today = FRUSTRATING!!!!!!

    Hi to Saffy, Nicoleh, Oneday... and all the other people I know I've missed

    L x

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    Apr 2010
    coastside, Vic

    hi everyone, wow there is a lot of us around at the moment, need to keep up!

    Fatgirlslim-wow thats a lot of follies, very exciting- hope they ring back again soon! xx

    NicoleH- sending out growing vibes for your follicles- what dose did you start on? My last cycle I started on 225 puregon but even never upped the dose so it got cancelled, I hope 300 doesteh trick for you FX

    Trishy- hope you are still on track for EPU wednesday, even though everyone is sick around you, you poor thing xx

    ehm- hi, I am antagonist cycle too this time, I am going from 225 last cycle to 375 this cycle, i will be interested to see how you go with the high dose. Thats exciting to have an EPU on your birthday- good sign I reckon!

    oneday- hope you are having fun in fiji

    Kristine- any Af yet? Sorry you had to deal with your SIL's announcement out of hte blue, that must have been hard. I don't have that issue thank god but wouldn't cope well if I did, so no advice sorry x

    Springlola- glad you like acupuncture, i went to school with Kerry, she was a year below me. I don't mind the fresh royal jelly, I don't like it but it doesn't make me gag either. When i first started taking it, it used to make my mouth a bit numb which was a worry but i don't get that now. How is the sniffing going? I didn't have any side effects from it but it tastes gross.

    Kass- sorry about AF arriving, a least there is something ot look forward to in a few weeks x

    Loops-exciting about wednesday, only a few more days of jabs, good luck xx

    And last but not least- welcome to the new girls-Frugal and nightwalker-
    Frugal-goodluck for everything, it is no where near as bad doing the injections etc, as I thought it would be!
    Nightwalker-did you have your ET today? Hope it went well if you did! I am doing antagonist this cycle but haven't really started properly yet so can't tell if it is going ot be any better.

    AFM- one more week of the pill, which is giving me spotting and headaches, so will be glad ot get rid of it, start jabbing next friday

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    Dec 2008
    Leongatha - South Gippsland, Victoria

    Hi everyone, geez it is hard to keep up in here at the moment! Thanks for the lovely wishes for Wed!

    Fatgirlslim ~ 8 is great! Good rhyme LOL. I hope the others catch up hun, Fx'd!!

    Nicoleh ~ FX the 300iu does the trick hun, im sure it will. Grow eggies grow!!

    Trishy ~ Thanks hun, mine is at 10.30am at Sale and yours?? Will be thinking of you - all the best! xo

    ehm ~ hi, I am doing antagonist cycle as well this time- Im on 300iu. Hoping you get a wonderful b'day present - lots of great eggs. Happy Birthday just in case I miss it.

    Oneday ~ I too am hoping you are having fun in fiji

    Kristine ~ Sorry about your SIL's announcement - that would be rough. Ive got a sister PG at the moment and as much as I love her and am excited to have my 2nd niece or nephew on the way I just dont see her that much on purpose - although it doesnt worry me that much but sometimes if im having a bad day it does. I find Belly Belly the best way to cope though, because others know how you feel. Hugs

    Springlola ~ You're lucky your DH has plumbing to fall back on, my DH wants to give up dairy farming but he doesnt really have any other training, apart from driving big equipment and a HR truck licence. I dont know how you ladies can take the liquid Royal Jelly, I had it in little vials that you had to suck it out of and I gagged - just couldnt do it and ended up giving my whole lot away. I couldnt even stand the smell - makes me cringe just thinking about it LOL. I took it in tablet form for a while and that was heaps better. GL with the sniffing chicky!

    Kass ~ sorry about AF arriving, a least there is something to look forward to in a few weeks, hope it comes quick, GL!

    Saffy ~ Not long now, good luck with the jabbing!!

    True ~ hi hun and hope you are well - no doubt just super busy with calves etc xo

    Sorry If ive missed anyone.

    AFM ~ Got my last Antagonist needle this morn. Mum came with me for the drive and we made a bit of a day of it and did some shopping etc - so was good in the end. Do my trigger injection tonight and its all systems go for Wed morning - YAY. Will see a lot of you in TWW, GL and will be thinking of you all xo

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    Sep 2009
    Adelaide, SA

    Spoke with the clinic - apparently I should be right to go for a Friday ER/EPU - exciting. However, I do have to go for one last BT on Wednesday - I am guessing to ceck my E levels? Not sure... but should be smooth sailing FX!!

    Saffy - isn't it messed up, the things we look forward to when we're IVF-ing? AF, jabs, sore BBs, cramping! ha!

    L x

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    Jul 2010


    Hi everyone and thanks for the warm welcome and advice. Its so lovely to feel supported and hear from people who are going through the same experience.
    I had my ET today, one good blasty on board and one in the freezer... I'm stoked they both pulled through. Thanks for all the well wishes and crossed fingers! Ready for the next hurdle....

    Oneday - I was sedated for my EC and had no dramas. I was still coherent and aware, just didn't feel anything. The canula was the worst part.. but i hate needles. My recovery was fine and i was out to lunch a few hours later.

    Frugal - I tolerated the injections and they definitely weren't that bad. My DH did all of mine except my first luteal pregnal shot which I had to do (I'm needlephobic). In my nervousness.. I ended up shattering the glass ample lid and had remove all the shards of glass from my thumb. The good news was the needle didn't hurt and I even did my injection today. Hope your having fun in the sun!

    Fatgirlslim - Congrats on your follies!

    Loops - I appreciate you sharing your experience. My embryologist(who is a close friend) told me she was relieved that i could produce good quality blastocysts despite my low egg haul. So I'll have to talk to FS to see what she thinks. I know every cycle you have can be completely different to they might keep me on the same protocol for next time...hopefully it's only the FET. Good luck for your EPU...fx

    Trishy - Thanks for the advice, I will talk to my FS again and see want she thinks. I was keen on trying acupuncture.. I will now that I'm more comfortable with needles. Good luck for your EPU!

    Kristine - I know my AMH isn't too bad, i suppose that's why I expected a couple more eggs... but quality over quantity and it only takes one...as my FS and nurses say. Its hard when you have to deal with the pregnancies of others. While excited for them it reminds you of your own struggle. I have babies coming out the wazoo (just not mine..)..All of my friends bar a few are either pregnant or trying for their second (with ease). My SIL has four young kids, fell pregnant again and got rid of it. Made my blood boil.

    Saffy - you'll have to keep me posted on your antag cycle

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    Jun 2010

    Nicole hope the up'ed dose does the trick.

    fatgirlslim hope you stopped playing telephone tag with FS. Goodluck for Frid if it is all systems go. Ok got to the end and saw you have. Hope your blood test comes back with the results you want.

    saffy hope the week goes fast and you move on to the business end. The pill does that too me, its shocking.

    Loops my EPU is at East Melb. I have to be there by 9 am. Goodluck will be thinking of you.

    AFM EPU is at 1020 need to be at hospital by 9 am. Have to make my transfer appointment tomorrow I was the last one called today so they rang me at 5. To late to make transfer appointment. Mum is still in hospital, looks like she will be off to rehab in next day or two. I should know more tomorrow.

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    Jun 2010

    It's gotten so busy here - hope I get everyone

    Trishy and loops - hope your pickups go well on Wed, Trishy - hope your mum is feeling better soon

    Night walker - fx for a sticky one! I'm surprised your SIL would share that with you - how insensitive

    Fatgirlslim - glad your numbers are up - it's sounding good

    Nicoleh - hope the increased dose does the trick fx

    ehm - wow that's a lot - hope you're not getting too swollen! Hope you gets lots of nice ones for your bday!

    Thanks Saffy - glad you're onto the jabs soon!

    Kristine - glad I'm not the only one - there's next to no chance for me either, but I'm always hoping Good luck with your injections - the first one's the hardest but they're not that bad - I actually prefer them to the synarel. Sorry about your SIL - it's really hard when it seems everyone but you is pregnant. I was at a bbq on the weekend with some friends I hadn't seen for a while - 4 of the 6 girls were pg - I only knew about one beforehand - they all sat there complaining about it! Not fun - I got through the afternoon and cried on the way home

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    Jun 2010

    I've reacted badly to my trigger, it didnt happen last time I have a rash and nausea. Plus because it was warm last night I was hot which made me itch more.

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    Hi ladies

    Haven't been in here for a while so will need to catch up on all the post but hope that everyone is travelling well with their cycles.

    AFM my last FET got cancelled on Sunday which left me devasted. I saw my FS yesterday so I have my new plan for my next stim cycle which will happen in November sometime. Because I was getting ready for transfer I'm on tabletes for the next 10 days and after that AF should arrive as normal. The FS also did a biopsy of my lining to make sure i don't have any infections. If that comes back normal then I'll be on a high dose of puregon plus another injection a few days before collection to help with egg quality. This cycle I'll also be doing heprin injections as the asprin hasn't seemed to have helped the embryos stick. So guess I'm back here waiting and cycling just like everyone else.

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    Its a busy thread ATM...

    There is so much going on here, here I am just sniffing away LOL

    Kristine I'm getting better at the whole Royal Jelly thing, I have lnog nose plyers and take the lid right off, put it into a shot glass and throw it back (all that training came in handy ) trying so hard not to taste it...
    I felt exactly the same with my SIL, she rang a couple of times and I didnt take her call, then last week she MC twins and I feel really guilty. Its a horrible feeling, glad their happy but wish that we were...

    Saffy I can't believe that the Royal Jelly doesnt bother you, I'm sniffing away. Rang accounts only have to pay $190 this month which is great, hopefully I get to use the money this month, dont know how I'd cope if I was cancelled again this month..NO SNIFFING !!! Lucky you

    Loops I think that was the problem I used the straw, I could taste it until I ent to bed that night. We are a bit lucky in regards to DH'd trade, but still a bit dunted by the whole move thing....
    Retail therapy YAY!!! love it..Not long now

    Oneday I've prob missed you..but enjoy Fiji

    Trishy I hope your Mum's getting better, sounds like a long haul for you and your family.. Someone else on here had a reaction to the trigger, but EPU went without a hitch..wish I could remember who let us know how you go

    Ehm I will be on the same amount of Puregon this month, I'm nervous that I'm going to go the other way and over stimulate, glad its going well for you

    Nicoleh Try not to stress, that a nice number of follies..

    Fatgirlslim They tell me fresh is best, the capsules are dead jelly..the ear wax/ cough medicine is the best stuff....oh ofcourse it is because it couldnt taste like honey and be good for you could it
    Good numbers of follies...

    AFM just quietly sniffing away, have lots of distractions atm with mares foaling.


    With so many of you in the EPU and tranfer stage I think this thread must be due a couple of BFP announcements

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    Jun 2010

    Terry - so sorry it was canceled I'd be devastated too - hope you're going ok

    Trishy - hope you're feeling better

    Hi Spinglola - enjoy the sniffing!

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    Jul 2010

    Terry So sorry it was cancelled.....I must've been posting when you did yours...so very sorry.

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    Jun 2010

    Kass: I also had a good cry when I got home. Sorry to hear that there are so many people around you pregnant. It's hard to take. I hate if people complain about being pregnant. I told my DH that I will never complain should I ever be so lucky an get pregnant. He just laughed and told me he will hold me to it LOL

    Terry: so sorry your cycle was cancelled. I hope you will get some good news in regard to the lining biopsy results and that the next cycle will be the one. I also would be devastated.

    Night walker: Glad to hear your 2 embies made it! That's what I keep telling myself, that quality is important. I hope that at least in this regard age is going to be on my side (I am also 29 years). Can't believe your SIL told you about her termination. I must say I would have not handled that very well at all! Fx for 2ww!!!!!

    Oneday: Thanks for your words of support! Hope you are enjoying your holiday. So sorry for your loss. I remember reading your story on the forum and thinking about how hard this would be to take. Having a m/c must be terrible, but then also be confronted with pregnancies in your family must be super though. I must say I admire you for going to your birthday celebration. I don't think I would have been able to do that. I really, really hope you get your happy ending very soon!

    SpringLola: Good luck with the sniffing. Sorry to hear about your SIL M/C. Thanks for the words of support.

    Trishy: hope you feeling better!

    Hi Saffy, Loops, Fatgirlslim, Frugal, Ehm - for those of you who have EPU soon GOOD LUCK!!!!

    AFM - well AF decided to be a little bit late and today I started spotting, so she should arrive tomorrow. This means that I will have my first scan on the same day as my exam (I am studying part time). GREAT TIMING! I have my u/s at 8am and my exam starts at 9am. Don't ask me how this is going to work....
    Feeling very nervous, but I think that will get better once I finally have started with the first injections.

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