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Thread: LTTTC & Assisted Conception - November 2005 #3

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    Nov 2005


    Hi Guys,

    I'm having a really rough day today..... Soooooooo emotional. Getting very upset over the littlest things, but i'm not sure whats causing it all. I'm still upset that my brother & sister-in-law have just announced that they are pg with their first and have rubbed it in my face, but i don't know it that's the main reason.

    I just seem to have been crying all day. :smt022

    I went out a bought a HPT today, but as I'm not exactly sure when I O'd it's a bit hard to tell if it's the right time. Any tips anyone?

    I'm at CD 25, but according to my fertility co-ordinator who did an ultrasound just after my lap to see if there was anything going on, she thought that i had either just o'd or was about to. That was on the 17th, so it would make today roughly 8DPO.

    I really want to do a test, but it's too early.......isn't it? :smt102

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    it is too early - as much I was busting to POAS knew if I did early it would mess with my head.

    Sorry your family is inconsiderate of your feelings - that is what we are here for - vent away

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    Hi Shannon.. sorry to hear you are having a flat day today 8-[ ... and it must also be frustrating knowing that your infertility is unknown causes... in a way i am glad that although my reproductive bits look like road kill they know it is either endo or a massive fibroid...

    Stay strong and don't POAS yet, as trish said it is way to early and yes it will mess with your head.. remain calm honey, we are all battling through this infertility rollercoaster, so remember we are here for you...

    love and hugs leis xx

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    Melinda Guest


    Oh Shannon,

    I'm so sorry that you're having such a rotten day.

    It may be a combination of things that has caused it, but whatever the reason, I figure getting all those emotions out there and off your chest can only be a good thing for you.......

    Like the others have said, it would be too early for a HPT. Try to hold out for a few more days if you can.

    Take care.

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    Thanks Trish - I'm feeling very nervous but excited. I will let everyone know my result tomorrow evening after work.

    I will write personals later as well when I'm less of an emotional basketcase.

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    HUMPHREY - All the very best for your beta tomorrow, I have everything crossed for you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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    All best for tomorrow, [-o< that you have a BFP

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    Good luck Humphrey and heres to a tomorrow.. will be thinking of you... take care

    leis xx

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    skyelar Guest


    Hi all!

    Trish I had an appt last week & met our Dr etc. He sent us for more tests & asked us to go away & choose our prefered method, IUI, IVF or ICSI. My next appt is the 7th of Dec.

    Hi Shannon, hope your day got a bit better, have a great weekend. IKWYM about family/friends falling pregnant all over the place.

    We are leaning towards ICSI at the moment, at our clinic it is the same price as IVF so we are thinking of going that way.

    Have a great weekend

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    Teagan Guest


    Hi Trish,

    It was just so, so great to hear the news about your BFP. You've worked hard for it and I hope the pregnancy goes smoothly.

    Shannon - Welcome

    Shazey - I hope those little guys grow strong.

    Humphrey - inkstick: for the beta tommorrow.

    I had my day 10 appointment today. Slightly worried as I had spotting and light cramping today (?!). But the clinic co-ordinator didn't seem too concerned. Also had an ultrasound and bloods. The ultrasound showed an 18mm folicle, and it was a bit further along that we had anticipated. Waiting till tommorrow morning to see what the bloods show.

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    Good luck tomorrow Humphrey [-o< . I'll have you in my thoughts.

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    Blue Sky Guest


    Good luck Humphrey!! :luck:

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    starbright Guest


    Trish, that is the best news I’ve heard in weeks! I am extremely happy for you! You were one of the first people from BB to be there for me , you’re an absolute gem and deserve every bit of happiness and good luck! :smt041

    Shannon, the ladies here are amazing… you have come to the right place!

    Teagan, hope all works out for you!

    Humphrey, Good Luck!

    Shezabelle, when you seeing the DR again?

    I’ve booked in to see him on the 7th and then he will be able to give us a new date for our next transfer. God willing all goes well this time!

    I don’t think I can handle another let down.

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    HUMPHREY YOU GO AND GET A BFP For me and mostly for yourself tomorrow will you [-o< that all goes well. I shall be away so shan't catch your post till Sunday night. Good Luck and have a good weekend Ladies.

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    GO HUMPHREY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!

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    Melinda Guest


    Good luck Humphrey!

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    cazzoom Guest


    Best of luck for today Humphrey!!


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    Best of luck tomorrow Humphrey with a and keep the ball rolling for some more grads...

    love leis

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