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Thread: LTTTC & Assisted Conception ~ February 2006 #2

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    Oh sorry Rose, honey, i missed your post, this is such great news and i feel very special that you have shared it with us.... May you have a safe and happy nine months sweetie, you certainly have been trying for sometime and you give us girls some hope, and strength to keep on riding the 'rollercoaster'

    You go girl xxxx \/

    love leis xx

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    Speaking of roller coasters, heres a crazy idea, why doesn't movie world, or sea world or one of those theme parks get a new roller coaster and call it the 'infertility rollercoaster' .... can you imagine, they would have to supplier councilers for everybody when they got off it.... ](*,)

    love leis xx \/

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    Just locking this girls


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