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Thread: LTTTC & Assisted Conception ~ January/ February 2006

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    skyelar Guest


    Hi everyone!

    Hope you are all having a good day!

    lil_chookie~ Good to have you back hon! Being with the net is bad huh I know exactly what you mean about starting IVF. I was the same, felt like I was at the end of the road & if it didn't work then I'd be left with no other options. You will know when your heart is ready.

    Leis~ how's the burn buddy? Hope it has settled down for you.

    Tam & Shan~ How are you ladies today? Hope you are having a good one!

    Shez~ Woo hoo for 2 on the first of Feb. How exciting, I will keep everything crossed for you. How many frosties do you have?

    j_girl~enjoy your break from TCC, it gets so hectic it is nice to be able to let it go for a while hey (:

    Janee~ all the best for Saturday, I hope it all works out & you aren't too uncomfortable. WIll be thinking of you.

    Jen~ How did you go? I hope all went well & that you are home taking it easy. The TWW hasnt been too bad for me as I have been on holidays as well. The first week flew by but this 2nd one is dragging out. Rest up & can't wait to hear how you went!

    Take care everyone! Hoping for lots of BFP's this month!!! \/

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    Good Morning Girls,

    Skye - How are you. I'm okay. Still the same old same old. The clinic want me to ring them on Friday to give them an update on the bleeding. Deep in my heart i reckon this heavier bleeding for the last week has been AF, so will have to wait an see what they say. If this is the case then hopefully I can O on my own and still have a chance this cycle, otherwise i suppose we have to wait till next month and go either another round of clomid (3rd) or go straight to AIH. Take Care of yourself......

    lil_chookie - Bad luck about AF. As for IVF, You'll know the time is right when it's right. DOn't rush things if your're not ready for them. You'll know in yourself when that is....Hugs...

    Tam - How's things going with you? Hope you're well.....

    Shez - Good luck for next week. Fingers crossed you get your BFP. Congratulation to DH on his promotion.....

    j_girl - I don't know what's causing it. Either do the docs. As far as i know it's not endo. They've checked me all out via Lap etc and there was no sign of it, but who knows. I'm so over it though........

    janee - Fingers crossed that this is your month. I'll be thinking of you on Saturday.........

    Hope you all have a good day today. I'm off to do some retail therepy with a friend of mine today. Hopefully that will cheer me up a bit.

    Love and Hugs.

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    Good morning! Thought I'd see how you lovely ladies are today.

    Skye & Suzy - How's the 2ww going? When are your betas scheduled?

    Leis - Best of luck with your lap! How's the baby juice going? Made me feel pretty healthy while I was on it. Are you still as red as a lobster?

    Shannon - Sheez! That's a bl##dy long AF. The only time I had anything like that was years ago when I kept forgetting to take my pill! Wow. I hope you get some reprieve soon, what a pain in the butt.

    Jen - I hope it all went well! Best of luck during the 2ww!!

    Lil Chookie - Sorry to hear about af what a bugger. I agree IVF is not a decision you make lightly, took me quite a while to get my head around it, actually helped a lot reading of others on this site and their experiences, demystified it for me. Best of luck whatever you decide hon.

    Shez - Best of luck with your ET!

    Hello to everyone else as well!!!!

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    MrsMaloo Guest


    Mrs Mac – we are doing a cycle of AIH (had to look this up before I knew what it meant – I’ve just been calling it IUI – so many acronyms – argh!). I really hope I can give you some positive news about the whole process. We had the insemination yesterday – which was a little uncomfortable but bearable– sorry if this is too much information but the nurse gave hubby the chance to push the syringe to depress its contents but he just couldn’t do it – I think he was more nervous than me! Poor thing was shaking like a leaf – it’s his first taste of what we women really go through and I think he handled it pretty well – I was proud of him (-:

    If you want to talk about AIH in more detail I'm more than happy to share my experience.

    Tam – Thanks for the information re: the Pregnyl being intramuscular – lucky for me, the Pregnyl that our clinic gives is subcutaneous (I freaked out a bit because I researched it and everything was pointing to it only being intramuscular – but apparently it can be given subcutaneously also – the internet – sometimes such a blessing and sometimes such a curse) Anyway they’ve assured me to keep jabbing it in my belly – so we will just see how it goes. If I am lucky enough to have it work then you all have to protest to your Docs and get them to let you do it subcutaneously – we are subjected to too many needles as it is to have to have a painful one as well!!! If it doesn’t work I will be pressing them about intramuscular. If, if, if,…

    All in all it’s been quite a surreal experience-I’ve been reflecting a little on the paths life takes us- and today I’ve decided to tackle anything thrown at me in this TTC business with positivity and perseverance (but can somebody please remind me of this tomorrow :boggle: )

    Now just to occupy my mind for the next two weeks – urgh!

    Shezabelle – good luck for the FET and big congratulations to your hubby on his promotion

    Skyelar – I’m not sure if you are in Australia or not but I have to ask – what is ‘Maternity Ward’. Please (don’t) tell me it is a TV show on Foxtel and if it is please (don’t) tell me what channel and what time (-:

    (subtext – I need to know what channel and time now!!!!!)

    Thanks for the good wishes everyone

    Have a great day everyone and good luck for wherever you may be at with your cycles.


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    lil_chookie - so sorry to hear that af showed up hun I think giving yourself time to be emotionally ready for IVF is very wise .... take care of yourself

    Skye - are you going to POAS or wait until your beta? I'm hanging out to see the result!

    Sorry for the lack of personals .. I'm still getting to know everyone in here (slowly LOL).

    This is my second cycle of Clomid and I'm due to O tomorrow if last cycle was anything to go by. Poor DH ... I've been hounding him twice a days for days now, since I read in a book about male infertility that for men with low sperm count, BDing daily or twice daily was actually beneficial for their sperm count (whereas for men with normal sperm count, BDing every second day was the best option). Weird hey - I've been thinking the opposite all this time. This morning, we were both so bored that nothing happened LOL. Better make it exciting before tomorrow, or we'll be out of the running before we've even started.

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    Good Evening everyone

    I have been meaning to post for a while and pass on my happy thoughts to Skye... TWW is nearly over WOO HOO !!! fingers and toes crossed for BFP all round.

    Good luck Shezabelle for your appointment next week. I really hope it all goes well.

    Its nice to be able share this experience with people who really to understand whats going on. So thanks, as I have been feeling a bit 'woo is me ish'. As I am on the pill at the moment I am feeling very lost with out charting dates etc and my first thought in the morning has not been ooh what day is it ? Hah hah.. never thought I would miss it... the perpetual routine was kind of a comfort.

    thanks alot again and sending lots of good vibes out and I hope you enjoy a good day off on Thursday.

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    Hi girls.. I hope you are all well.... Good luck with the BFP for you IUI Sari... let us know how you go...

    Sorry no real time for personals... BUT the sunburn has settled down, and DH wasn't overly happy with me for getting so burnt...

    I hope everyone has a great Australia day, and lets hope the weather is nice....


    love leis xxx

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    sararms Guest


    Hello ladies

    Been a while for me, but I have tried to catch up on all the posts.

    Have really been suffering with stress lately, which is very unlike me. I just haven't been able to pick myself after my last AF which as most of you will remember was a nautural go which I think was a failed pregancy.

    So I'm off to have my HSG tomorrow and then seeing my consultant on Tuesday to discuss the results and to decide when to have another go, but I just don't feel ready right now. I'm desperate to have another go, but know that it probably wouldn't work because I just am too depressed / stressed. I'm doing everything to help my self: taking vitex, vit B6, folic acid, vit C iron (I have very low iron level) but just feel slow and sleepy and rough in general. So today in an attempt to really kicj these feelings I'm going for some reflexology. I'll let you know how it goes and if it helps.

    J-girl, good luck witht the lap. I'm praying that this HSG gives me the all clear and I don't have to go down that road, but I know it means pain relief for you and better chance of successful pregnancy, so I really hope it goes well.

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    ~Jane~ Guest


    Sararms - good luck tomorrow, I hope everything goes well for you. I was sorry to see you are still feeling so down, does your IVF clinic have a counsellor that you can talk to, I know it certainly helped me when DH and I miscarried a few years ago.

    I am also having dye studies done with my lap next week as well as him cutting out all the endo and then also having a look around the uterus to make sure everything is ok inside and that nothing is in there that may be interfering such as polyps. He described the procedure as "one with the lot" LOL

    Mrs Mac - I hope AF has settled down for you

    Mrs Maloo - good luck with the tww I hope all goes well for you

    Hope everyone is well and glad to hear the sunburn has settled down Leis

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    Good luck Jane.. don't worry I am only a few weeks behind you with my endo removal.... let me know how you go.... My gynea said I would be under for quiet sometime. I didn't want to know and told him to stop right there in telling me... once I am under, I don't care, until i wake up...

    love leis xx

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    Bambi Guest


    Hi Ladies,
    I was just wondering if i could join in on this forum here.
    I am in the TTC budies in the other thread, but thought since its been over three years TTC i might drop in here and join up too.
    I have a 3 1/2 yr old son from a previous relationship, whom we just adore, But myself and my hubby have been TTC for over 3 years now and nothing happening because he has a low sperm count. We are not sure what else to do now.
    I have been so sad lately and its been very hard to pick myself up since last AF arrived. And to make things worse everyone around me is getting pg and nothing seems to be going right at all. Oh i am so down.
    So hubby and i have been talking and we have been talking about IVF. So hopefully things might slowly work themselves out.
    Thank-you for listening to me.
    And i hope i can join in here.

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    ~Jane~ Guest


    Welcome Bambi. DH and I have the same probs with sperm count and it is a real bummer to put it mildly. I hope your stay is short and sweet .

    Thanks Leis, I'll keep you posted - in a strange way I just wish it was all over and done with now

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    Bambi Guest


    Thanks Jane.
    It is definately a prob, not to be rude, but knowing there is nothing wrong with me and it is DH, Hurts too. I really want a baby and haven't been able to pick myself up lately. We are not sure what else to do. He is on Zinc Tablets and Multi Vitamins and i am watxhing my cycle and at ovulation time we do it everyday, before and after and that still seems not to be working, Can anyone help us, We are lost.....

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    Hi Bambi

    Welcome to our little forum here. You'll find heaps of support and all the girls here will be full of advice and care.

    I know how you must be feeling, although my DH sperm count is fine, so together they cannot find anything wrong. We have been TTC for 4 years with 1 m/c and some chemical pg's and still we can't carry full term. I've been on clomid for 2 cycles, still with no luck and am nearly at the stage where they want to try AIH. Don't really know what to do there......

    welcome once again.


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    Bambi Guest


    So sorry to hear about that Shan.
    I hope things work out for you soon.
    Sounds like they arn't sticking to the side of your uterus (if that is where they stick, hehehe) Have your had that checked???

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    ~Jane~ Guest



    I didn't think you were being rude at all. Its very hard dealing with all of this. I take it that if you know your DH has a problem with sperm count that you have already seen a specialist and have started having various investigations done? It might be time to go back and see your specialist again. My experience with male factor infertility is that there isn;t alot that you can do to help things along in terms of vitamins etc and we were recommended IVF up front, but my DH has low count, low motility and high abnormality so we are looking at doing ICSI. I hope you start to feel less stressed about it soon.

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    ~Jane~ Guest


    I dont know why my posts keep doubling up, can one of the mods please delete the last duplication..ta

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    skyelar Guest


    Hello to all you lovely ladies!

    I have a confession as some of you know I had my 1st IVF transfer 2 weeks ago. I have been POAS everyday since Monday & getting BFP's :shock: I didn't want to say anything earlier in case I jinxed myself!

    I went for my beta today & yep I AM PREGNANT!!! :bellyrub: My beta is 139.5 at 14dpo so we are very happy!

    DH & I feel so lucky to be blessed with a pregnancy first time around. Thank you so much for all of your support over the past TWW!

    We still can't believe it, I think this is going to take a long while to sink in.

    Lots of love

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