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Thread: LTTTC & Taking Clomid/Metformin ~ July 2008 until 2009

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    Hi all,
    Its been ages since I have been on here. We have recently moved into our new home which has taken my mind off things. We went back to the specialist who has prescribed the clomid and now we just wait for AF to arrive. I hate not knowing when it will arrive. My friends keep asking if I could be pregnant but I don't even know if I'm "late" No matter how many times I explain it to them they try and get my hopes up. Oh well I know they are just trying to be positive.
    Right now I am stuck at home for a week after falling down some stairs at work.

    Take care

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    Hi gals, I'm new here and have been on metformin for 5 weeks now (I'm 29, diagnosed at age 19 with PCOS after having irregular periods, so have been on the pill for the last 10 years, with breaks here and there but never having AF..but I used to have periods every 3-5 months in high school). I don't ovulate so doctor is hoping the met, a low GI diet and active lifestyle will change that. I've always been on the thin-side, currently a more 'average' size with a bit of bloating around the tummy.

    Anyway, my question is, is it safe to have unprotected intercourse before I have that first period on metformin? I don't think I've ovulated since I was about 19 so will my first ovulation be like the proverbial first pancake of the batch - ie, no good? I'd love to start TTC straight away but am not sure I'd be off to a healthy start and have no idea if I'm ovulating today, tomorrow or last week etc. (until I get that AF).

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    I posted a message here and did not notice that it was long term TTC! Sorry about that!!!
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    Default ???Should I be posting here?

    I posted a message here before then noticed that it was Long Term I erased it...but then when I did a search for Clomid and Met I saw this link being suggested...

    Should I be posting here or not if I have only been TTC for 3 months???

    Thanks for any help anyone can give me...sorry for the questions, I am new to this

    Here is my message anyway:

    Hi Girls

    I hope I can join this thread...

    This is my first time posting on any TTC forum...

    Some info: I am 27 and DH is 26, together for almost 5 years, married about one year ago <3

    In January we decided to stop the pill and let things happen. I went in for a regular checkup just to make sure everything was in order before we started TTC and all the drama unfolded (I am sure many of you know this story)...I had been on BC for 10 years and whenever off of it, irregular, long flow (6 months of light bleeding one time!), no periods etc...I do not remember my life without BC...

    I have also had acne since I was 21 (not as an adolescent, strangely enough) and have done accutane about three or four times (it works wonders but the acne comes back a few months after I stop taking it)...

    My excellent doctor said nothing as I explained my history and took an ultrasound from that first checkup (I guess he knew something was up...) - On my first US, thin endometrium (2!)...Started first round of Clomid 50 days 3-7 in February...Last period started on Feb 14...

    Went in for my reg checkups and bloodwork. It didn't work. No ovulation...But my endometrium was at 7, which at least reassured me that something is changing...

    Nothing crazy as far as side effects go on the Clomid...I was def a little warmer than usual, and had some tummy issues, but nothing I hope that the double dose won't bring on any surprises this cycle...

    Since stopping the pill, I gained 8 kilos! 15 pounds! When I complained to my doctor he put me on Metformin, which I started about a week ago. For now everything is ok and my weight has stopped rising, but is not going down for the moment. I see no difference in my acne except for less large red pimples...I hope that starts regulating itself.

    I am very active, very healthy nutrition wise and am hoping that the Met will help me lose the weight I gained before (hopefully) pregnancy. I am 5ft3 and before this crazy weight gain weighed about 52-54 kilos, so 115 pounds (approx). Am now hovering around 60kilos so two months - how irritating...

    Am currently waiting for AF to start my second round of clomid taking 1000mg of Met (500 x 2 times a day with meals)...

    I feel really alone and get sad sometimes because I feel out of control. I am the oldest in my family so am the first going through the whole ordeal and do not want to share with people because if I end up trying for years, I just can't deal with having people ask or pity me...

    I have been reading this forum for a while now and this thread seems suited to my case and you all seem great and supportive - and I need some support and am happy to support others going through it...I need to give my husband a

    So anyway, just introducing myself and hoping to start the 2nd round of clomid soon!
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    Hi Brusselsprout

    i am also waiting for AF so i can start taking clomid. I understand about having a place to talk to people who know what your going through, i have found it very helpful and the girls are very good to talk to because you know they know exactly what you are feeling.

    Welcome to Beetle also

    Good Luck

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    Tammara, thanks for the welcome I read your story and am really sorry for the loss...

    We are in the same boat so I am happy to have someone here who is in the annoying waiting for AF phase...At what point do you think I should ask my doc to induce my period?

    I am at about 35 days right now....and my last cycle in Jan-Feb was 43 days...I guess I'll wait a bit more and see what happens...I have an appointment with my doctor the 2nd of if my period does not come I will call to see if we need to induce and/or change the scheduled appt.

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    Ok, so i'm new at this and my story might come up twice as i thought i had posted it this morning but i can't seem to find it anywhere... So if it's in here twice I'm so sorry

    ok so i'll start again..
    Me and my Hubby are both 25 and been ttc for 15 months after seeing the specialist we found out that he has some abnormal semen.They thought i had pcos but found out that the only thing i have is high sugar levels at 60. I have been on metformin for 4 weeks and about to start clomid, well when my p arrive that is ( Sorry not sure of all abb's yet). I'm normally on a 31-34 day cycle but am currently uo to day 38 which is frustrating because i'm ver keen to try this clomid in hope of a little one.

    I wont go into to much detail incase my last post happens to appear on here to, But i'm looking forward to discussing things & am amazed at how many people are in the exact situation as me and hubby.

    I'm loving reading everyone's stories and how much everyone is willing to help out and give advice, i look forward to hearing replies...

    Hope to hear some good news from people soon..

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    Hi Frustrated,

    I know exactly what you are saying.

    I think you need to try and relax and not let your P rule you. Don't worry I think i am doing the same thing.

    Your P will come.

    I have just started the clomid this cycle and on day 17 I am training myself not to get my hopes up Every month.

    I am having alot of sharp crampy kind of pains and trying very hard not to read into them.

    Its a mental thing.

    We have been TTC for about 2 1/2 years now I am 32 and DH is 35. He has low sperm count and I have PCOS. I have read in some books that having DH take ZINC and Vitamin C tablets will help improve motility for him but we will see. Its getting him to take them, thats the key.

    I am also on Metformin have been since october 2008 not seeing much of a different but FS says it is for long term>....

    GOod luck frustrated and talk again soon.

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    Hi to all the lovely ladies in here..
    So many new ladies..
    I have moved on to IVF but was in this thread for a little while and I keep an eye on whats happening so I thought I would pop in and say HI..
    Good luck and I hope you can all move out of here and into a PG thread before to long. If DH is having Sperm issues there is a new vitamin supplement called Menevit and it is apparently very good for improving dodgy ones. Bear in mind that it takes 3 months for sperm to change batches for lack of another way to explain. There is also a LTTTC and AC thread you can join if you want. Because you're all on assisted conception it's a place for you too. They also have a TWW if you want support whilst going mag. lol.. Good luck everyone and I look forward to some BFP's soon..
    Take care

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    Hey Girls - welcome Beetle, Brussells and Frustrated.

    Don't worry you are on the right thread! Frustrated our specialist told my husband to take a multi vitamin and recommended the Swisse brand - don't know if that helps - it is also a matter of getting him to remember to take it!

    As for me - AF arrived last Wednesday - I was actually over when I thoguht I should be due!!!! so was not impressed. Anyway, have started my #4th cycle of chlomid and am up to day 6 - hopefully it is a smooth month. If it doesn't happen this month I have to go back to the FS in May to get checked out a bit more - so fingers crossed.

    Hope all is well and alll is working OK.


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    Hi Cony,
    My DH has been taking menevit for the past few months since we found out about his low sperm etc.. It made a significant diference... But still not the difference we need, but def give it ago. If your like me you will try anything.
    Ok so i got "p" 21st, 2 days ago so in a couple of days i will be starting Clomid for the first time, Any suggestions of when to take it, I have had every sight effert possible from the metformin, especially the mood swings ( my poor hubby ) So i will do anything to try and limit them now .

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    Frustrated - I suggest taking it at night - makes a huge difference!!

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    yeah i suggested that earlier- makes a huge diff!! baby dust

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    Hi Frustrated and ladies,

    We have tried menevit, but you know men if you don't put it down their throat they won't take it.

    I will give the zinc and vitamin C a go, i'll just have to remind him every day.

    As for the clomid goes i have taken my first cycle at night as the girls suggested and seem to have no side effects. Thanks for the info.

    I am on day 18. Man this feels like the longest month of my life. I hate counting the days. I try not to do it but end up doing almost everday.

    I hope you are all ok.

    Good luck

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    LSK - yeah it was you that advised me to take it at night - blessing!!

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    Default :)

    Hi Girls, just dropping by to check in on everyone!

    tammara, is af here yet?

    Hello to all the new girls

    I have not been on in a while because work has been crazy...on my side of things, STILL WAITING FOR AF!!!!! I am on day 39!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If I calculate based on my last cycle it should arrive Sunday...I am ready for my next round of clomid.

    Last night I got really depressed and cried because of how much weight I had gained in the past three months...My clothes don't fit, and I have resorted to wearing everything that is stretchy and baggy around the belly...I just wish everything was not so complicated...I am not trying to be negative but yesterday was just one of those days when I was tired, I worked out so hard, and then had soup and chicken breast for dinner, and still no period and my jeans don't fit - so it all exploded...

    I know that there are many women with worse situations, and I am strong and will deal with mine, but I just got sort of exhausted yesterday...My husband just held me while I cried and did not know what to say to me...I know that when I do finally have my baby, that I will be so so so so happy and grateful...

    Anyway, I am feeling more positive today and I am just hoping to have a happy spring announcement soon

    For those of you dealing with your guys having to take vitamins etc...I think it is best to sit them down and explain the importance of them being in on the "team"...I told my husband that for OUR baby I was watching what I eat, I quit alcohol, cola, everything with fake sugars, cut carbs etc...and that he has to simply take vitamins until conception...where as I have to continue taking care of myself until I am done breastfeeding...When you put it like that to hubby, he will put in the effort he should, once he realizes how much more you have to do physically

    I believe that the guys get sort of lost and hopeless in all this stuff sometimes, so just stress the importance of the vitamins, quiting smoking, limiting alcohol and all of the other things that you need in order to ensure that your baby has a good start...Once conception happens, he can go back to his old ways if he really feels the need to...

    Anyway girls, sending all of my love and babydust to all!

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    Good afternoon everyone

    I am still waiting for AF, to be honest i really dont know when to expect it to arrive. im hoping it wont take long for things to get back to normal (as normal as it can get) so i think it is just a matter of wait and see. I have tried to not think about it as much. Although saying that i did have visitors on the weekend with a 6 month old baby - was pretty hard at first but i think it was good in the end, sort of made me get over losing the baby more.

    Good luck all

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    Default Hey Girls :)

    Firstly Brussels,
    I have those days about once a week, a good cry never hurt anyone and surprisingly can make you feel so much better, lucky we have our fella's there to pull us together!

    Ok well i started my First chlomid round last night ( 50 mg ) i took it at about 8pm with dinner, & I feel great, night time is definately the go with taking it so thanks for all the advice!
    But i guess i'll have to wait and see if it's a success everyday!
    This month gives me so much more hope then all the previous, But am not getting my hopes up as i am fully aware that this may not be the thing to help us.
    Each month is just going to be a waiting game.

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