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    Im undergoing my first IVF and have been on 250 puregon for 6 days now- I went for my blood test today and my LH came back @ 0.4 when it should be over 1.3 (i hope im getting this right?) Ive been told I need to start Luveris today as my follicles arn't MATURING as they should- has anyone had this experience?

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    Hi Kim,

    just scrolling through the threads and came across your question. I am now on our 4th ICSI cycle and Dr has asvised me to take Luveris too. He has decided I should take it, as I have perimenopause and my eggs (only aged 36) are not very good quality.
    He said it is to "boost" them as they are maturing.
    As for my LH levels, I wouldn't have a clue, obviously all I do is follow his word. (sorry I'm probably no help to you at all hey ?)
    I understand that you pay in the region of $160.00 per ampule (I need 6), so its not cheap.
    Let me know how you got on using it, as I'v not seen it mentioned on here before.

    Best of luck to you on your journey,
    take care
    Reags x

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