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Thread: medical and natural assistance in Perth?

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    Default medical and natural assistance in Perth?


    I'm going to see my GP this week to get some much needed help/referrals.

    We've been TTC for 3 years. I have a history of fibroids though have been assured by a number of Gyn's that they shouldn't be causing conception problems.

    I had hormonal treatment for the fibroids (was put into artificial menopause for 6 months) only to be later told (by a subsequent specialist) that this was totally unnecessary...I then had the fibroids treated through some sort of blasting (I think!) which seemed to work...(although some new ones have emerged their ugly little heads)

    I've also been told that I have low progesterone levels.

    At this stage, we're not really wanting to go to down the IVF track, but I'm not sure what else there is...

    I've tried a naturopath, but to be honest, she didn't really seem to be all that competent...but I do like the idea of natural assistance...

    So what I'm hoping for are:

    1. any recommendations for a great naturopath who specialises in fertility issues?
    2. any recommendations for specialists who may be able to assist prior to IVF option?

    Thanks guys!

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    janee Guest


    Hi monnie
    I have been to see a naturopath also, and although she was lovely, and had also conceived through IVF herself, I feel that they take an holistic look, and therefore don't focus so much on your infertility but rather whole health of body and mind.... anyway, having said that, I did IVF and failed, did FET and failed and an now having a break. I am going to see an acupunturist soon and have heard that can really help with fertility issues. My naturopath recommended him. He works at Zen Acupuncture in Subiaco. Supposed to be brilliant, so we shall see.
    All the best. I do hope you have success and happiness.

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    Kat Guest


    Hi Monnie - I have yet to do IVF, but I have been going to Natalie Pickering at the Perth Natural Medical Clinic. She is very nice, and has helped many couples with infertility and IVF. I would definatly give her a go.

    Janee- do you have the name of the acupunturist at Zen?
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