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    Hi there,

    it looks like hubby and I are going to have to do a medicated FET to try and fall pregnant. NAtural FET not working as my body has decided to stop ovulating.

    Just wondering if anyone out there has completed a medicated FET, what the protocol was, the cost and if it worked.

    any experiences would be greatfully appreciated.

    Cheers.. Fi

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    Hi Princess Fiona

    I am currently cycling for an FET and I like you don't ovulate. Your FS may choose 2 different medicated FET cycles for you either a HRT cycle or a simulated natural cycle.

    I have undergone both previously and have had success with the simulated cycle. We have had success with this cycle, whereby I take clomid to get a lead follicle and with any luck I ovulate and then have the FET on the correct day - either day 3 or day 5 past O - to created as much of a natural cycle as possible. With the HRT cycle you are given different types of med's to take to supress your hormones and then to rev them up again in readiness for the FET. In both these cycles I have had to take progesterone support via pessaries and when we did get our BFP I had to continue with the progesterone until I was 10 weeks pg.

    My FS charges about $1200 for an FET cycle and due to the Medicare changes I won't get anywhere near as much back as I did previously. Your FS should be able to let you know the cost as I know they are all different. Good luck and I hope you get your BFP very soon.

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    We did an HRT FET.
    I took progynova 3 times a day from the start. Then from day 10-ish I used Estrogen pessaries for a few days. Then switched to progresterone pessaries 3 times a day. The transfer was day 20 (blastocyst). THey did 2 scans prior to the transfer to ensure my lning was thick enough. You dn't ovulate on an HRT cycle, so follicles are not an issue.

    The total out-of-pocket cost for the cycle was around $1000 I think (we don't have full private cover for IVF). We also had to pay for the medications (progynova and pessaries) until the 12-week mark of the pregnancy, which added another $1100 (would have been $1500, but they didn't charge me for one lot of pessaries - score!).
    My clinic is quite expensive.

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    Hi Kelly D & Marcellus,

    Thanks heaps for your responses. It is great to be able to get an understanding of what we will probably be up for. congratulations on both you BFP's.

    We have 2 snow babies waiting for us, and I just want to go and get them - they need to be with their mum & dad.

    Good luck to thr both of you on your journies.

    Cheers.... FI

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