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    Default For the Mum's in Waiting

    As I sit here surrounded by flowers and cards, phonecalls from relatives, the soft cooing of our newborn son in his nursery I am reminded with sadness the mother's day I had the year before, quietly crying a river of tears over another attempt to conceive ending in failure, the news that physically it was impossible for us to conceive naturally and the possibility of holding a much loved child in my arms pushed further out of reach.

    We thank all our mums, those that bore us, those who's babes grew wings far too soon for a mother to bear, those who's children are out of reach because of conflict of one sort or another, and those of us who are mum's ourselves.

    But spare a thought for those mum's in waiting ... those that have to run the gauntlet every second of every day ... be it sitting in the OB's waiting room heavy hearted, surrounded by glowing bellies and bonnie babes, or sitting in an IVF office, surrounded by pictures of couples that have made it, wishing for the zillionth time that they were one of them, knowing that with crushing cruelty they're not, or even just the day to day fight of seeing babies on the street, being pushed in prams or cuddled in arms and going home empty: in arms, in spirit and in heart.

    These brave women have no child to hold, only negative testing sticks, bewildering medical conditions that are beyond anyone's understanding ... the phone calls they receive aren't ones of well wishes, they're the gutwrenching calls from the doctor's surgery telling them if their dreams are fullfilled or crushed, their children are their pets or their house or husbands or their jobs, because they have sooooo much love to give, but but no child to give it to.

    They are the women that hide their tears everyday, today especially, they hold other's children just that fraction longer, eyes misting over with thoughts of what could be, hearts breaking just that little bit deeper when they hand them back.

    All us mum's have done it tough, be it tough pregnancies or labour, sleep deprived from soothing a baby's cries, or frustrated at a toddler's independence.

    But spare a thought today for those mum's in waiting, those that know your worst day as a mum is a day of heaven for them.

    Happy Mother's Day Mum's in Waiting ... whilst I cannot give you what your heart truly desires and longs for, know that there are mother's out there that have travelled your road of despair and have not forgotten.

    I pray that your outcome is as fullfilled as mine has been ... may your precious child come to you quickly, and your road of hardship be at an end.

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    Thankyou - that was so beautifully written and heart felt. I think i can say on behalf of all the mums in waiting that was so thoughtful of you and so caring.
    May you have a lovely mothers day.

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    Enjoy your little man this mothers day and hold him tight for me

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    Thanks Diva

    Your words were beautifully written and managed to bring me to tears for the second time today - but in a good way not a bad way. I am so glad to hear that everything went well for you and your DH. I still remember reading your post after your long trek to the FS's appointment and the way he delivered the amazing news to you that you were pregnant. It reminds me that miracles do happen. I am praying for my own little miracle this time around!

    Take care and congratulations on your baby boy.

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    0h Diva thank you!
    I was so excited to see your name posted in here and then I read your thoughtful beautiful and heartfelt post.
    I hope you have the most wonderful Mothers Day - you beautiful soul.
    You Dan and Tyler remain the most inspiring story

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    Thank you for your thoughtful (and validating) post. I'm very happy you are enjoying your first mother's day and thanks for thinking of us who have not quite made it there yet.

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    that was beautiful Diva. I wish I could have written it. I have thought a few times today of my cyber "mums in waiting" friends. Hope you all get to celebrate mothers day next year.

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