thread: My first IVF FET Cycle

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    My first IVF FET Cycle


    This is my first IVF FET Cycle (November) & was wondering what drugs are used for this? i need drugs to induce AF.

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    I'm sorry I can't help as I've always done natural FETs, but there are many on medicated FETs, so hopefully someone will be able to help.


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    I have had alot of FET cycles as I could only have single transfers
    To bring on a bleed I was always prescriped primulut. You take it 3 times a day for 5 days...wallahh.
    I did do the proganova (estogen) and pee sticks or bloodtests cycles but later changed over to doing a cycle on puregon without taking synarel. I would then be triggered and transferred 2-3 days later...similar to Stim cycles.
    Good luck

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    There are basically 1) natural FET (not drugs in the follicular phase) and 2) medicated FET. Of the medicated FETs, there are two also i)low stim with gonal-f/or the like, ii) HRT with E2 support.

    FETs are far more easier to COPE with than a stim. Good luck, both my pgs were from FETs.

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    I am about to have my first FET too. Have started just a few days ago on the HRT FET route. I didnt need to bring AF on, so I assume yours will be the other regime - invloving gonalf, etc.

    All the very best with it.

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    confusedegg Guest

    Thanks all..

    Keen.. thanks, i hope they dont suggest Gonal-F, i didnt respond when i used that for stimulating cycle. Clinic changed Gonal-F to Puregon. Do you think they will use Puregon instead, if so, i thought that was to stimulate ovaries??? sorry got no idea... My first time with FET.. i was told i would be doing HRT FET. Do you know what the procedure or drugs are used?


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    ok, well maybe the estrogen can help bring AF on as well... not 100% sure. My regime involves estrogen at 30mcg for a week, then up to 50mcg, for another week, then also starting progesteron pessaries twice a day, then estrogen drops to 20mcg before transfer.

    You're right though - the gonal and puregon (same thing) stimulate ovaries. The estrogen part of HRT allows the ovaries to become dormant, the progesterone builds up the lining in preparation and then they slowly take you off the estrogen in the same way your body does in a 'perfect' cycle.

    :-k hhmmm.... I would say yours would be similar then - but perhaps with something else that brings AF on for you.

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    Keen thanks.. i Primolut is what they usually use to bring AF on, when doing stimualting cycle.

    Thanks i am learning something from this site, i only know the names of what i use, not what their used for... I thinks i should asking questions.

    For stimulating cycle

    Primolut to bring AF then puregon and orgalutran and pregnyl.

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    Har, well there you go - seems everyone has different protocol for so many different reasons, huh.

    Good luck with it sweetie - am sure it will be very successful.