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Thread: Is my Progesteron level high?

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    Default Is my Progesteron level high?


    I have just finished my third round of Clomid. The first two - 50mg and 100mg did not cause ovulation however blood test results have shown I ovulated last month on 150mg.

    My progesterone reading was 70 (the previous two months were 4.5 and 5.5). Is this reading abnormally high (my OB said you need around 30 to maintain pregnancy). The Ob's assistant was getting quite excited as I think she thought it was so high I must be pregnant however blood tests today have showed a BFN.

    Also, is a prog level this high likely to overstimulate the ovaries and cause mutlitples?


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    Hi CluckyGirl,

    Not really sure on what are high and low levels, only really know the same as you - that you need around 30 to maintain a pregnancy. My progesterone levels on CD21 on my last cycle of clomid were 142 and I was not warned that it was excessively high. One side effect of clomid is multiples, so this may be why, or it may be because more eggs are produced. Not sure, congrats on ovulating though
    Hopefully next month will do the trick.
    Good luck!

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    Hi clucky girl!
    That is awesome that you ovulated
    I looked up some progesterone levels for you and found the following...
    Days 1-6 100ng/dL
    Days 7-14 20 150ng/dL
    Days 15-28 25-2800ng/dL

    So it seems that you levels are right in the Days 15-28 range

    Good Luck with everything

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    Hi my progesterone was 19.1 when i 0ed last month off 50mg clomid my gp said that he would want numbers aroung 20-30 to say i 0ed but it said i 0ed late in the month thats prob why it was a little low of a reading but...i never had over 1.5 before.....
    Progesterone should be between 12-90 i was told that is normal so you are still in the normal range! Congrats on 0ing its such a big hurdle to overcome when ttc!
    All the best hope you get your BFP real soon!!

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