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    beastie Guest

    Default this is my story

    hi there,

    i wanna tell you my story now. hope, you wont be bored to death

    we have one son, our lovely xander leon, he's 2y (in oct). before i was pregnant with him my male sex hormones were a little to high. i got clomid in in the first clomid cycle i became pregnant.

    in august 2005 we'd like to have another baby. i knew of my sex hormones an went to the gyn and told him.

    on ultrasounds he saw cysts at my ovarians and tested my blood. in fact i am resistend to my insuline. that means, PCOS... i have nearly all other symptomes too

    diabetologist ascertained my blood sugar is too high. not high enough for diabetes (lucky-me)

    i got metformin against the blood sugar and against the resistance... and clomid for the ovulation.

    we're now in cycle 13 and i wait for AF, it was introduced with medicaments.
    day 5 - 9 i take two pills of clomid every day... the first time...

    thats my story.... i hope i use the right words and you can understand
    i need half an hour to write this few sentences

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    ~Jane~ Guest


    Welcome Beastie

    Firstly, done worry about your english skills, you are very easy to understand.

    Sorry to hear you are having a hard time getting pregnant again. PCOS is a terrible thing to have and a lot of girls in here have the same problem. A lot of girls are on both metformin and clomid.

    I was taking clomid for a little while but I am starting IVF next week.

    Feel free to come over into the monthly thread and chat, all the girls are lovely and very understanding.

    I hope you get a BFP soon (big fat positive pregnancy test result)

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    beastie Guest


    jane, how long did you take it?

    do you have o pay for the IVF? in germany you have to pay 50 %.. nearly 2500 euros (ca 4800 A$)

    have been on toilette two minutes ago.... AF has coming

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    ~Jane~ Guest


    I was only on clomid for 2 cycles and didn't have any success.

    We do pay part of IVF over here, the government pay for most though, roughly 2/3 and we pay the balance which all up is about $2,000 AUD

    Will this be your first cycle on clomid? It's funny when you get excited about AF isn't it. I feel mine is on the way as well (I am due saturday) and I thought to myself this could be the last for a while if IVF works for us

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    beastie Guest


    i cross my fingers for you

    no its the 4th with metformin and clomid, and the first with higher dose (clomid)

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    ~Jane~ Guest


    thanks and good luck to you too

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    baby_love Guest


    Hi Beastie,

    Firstly "Herzliches Wilkommen" - I am originally from Germany (Munich) and came to Australia when I was 9 years old.
    I also have PCOS - I was on 6 cycles of Clomid but no pregnancy. We have just done our first round of IVF unfortunately did not work. I am now in the middle of my second cycle and waiting for AF to arrive - hopefully on Saturday. I have been on medication to get me to have a period and then I have to go back on Clomid to get me to Ovulate then they can go ahead and do the frozen embryo transfer so hopefully this one is the one for us!!!
    I hope you dont have to wait too long for your positive pregnancy of luck
    Chat to you soon
    Love Alex xox

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