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    Well only a few days left before DH and I go to our first appointment with Dr Mark Bowman at Sydney IVF. When my GP gave me the referral I had no idea who he was and I freaked out a bit when I did some research...wondering if he would even let us in the door knowing we have only been TTC for a few months. I rang to make my appointment and the lady I spoke to was lovely.

    Can anyone give me some clues about what to expect in the first appointment? Both my sisters have PCOS but I have never been diagnosed. My cycle is completely non existant (Last visit from AF on 17th Nov) and my GP ran some tests about 6 months ago and it was inconclusive.

    Depending on the course of action, can I expect to wait a long time between appointment and therefore a long time before something happens or will things progress quickly?

    I feel like I am taking control of the problem by seeing someone so soon in our journey but the yearning is preventing me from just waiting it out naturally...

    Tink x

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    Hi there,

    when we first went to the clinic initially they just ask a lot of questions about you an your partner. how long you have been trying for, sexual history, cycle history, etc etc/

    then he sent hubby for a semen analysis and me for some blood tests and an ultrasound.

    we had to wait 6 weeks for the next appointment as melbourne ivf is so busy.... then at the next appointment they go through your results and then send you for more tests.

    yes unfortunately it is a very long process. But keep at them. The biggest mistake i did last year was let them tell me what to do.

    i had a couple of months break from there to try things naturally and now i am going back in 2 weeks. im so scared this will take forever to get the ball rolling

    i hope everything goes well for you

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    Hi Tinka!

    Best wishes with your appointment with Dr Mark Bowman, he is lovely and the nurse on reception is so lovely she has helped me out so many times when I have been upset and needed to speak to Mark straight away. They always call you back.

    I will tell you what we did on our first appointment.

    He asked about my history, eg:

    - how long have you been TTC?
    - are you cycle regular?
    - do you have endo, PCOS ?
    - have you had a scan to check your ovaries are both ok?
    - have you been tracking your cycles?
    - have you been pregnant before and miscarried.

    Based on your history and age he will recommend some blood tests to check your hormone levels and also recommend either, Metformin, Clomid, IVF, Artificial Insemination and Cycle tracking through IVF.

    He will also ask your partner about his history and also ask him to do a sperm test

    Best wishes ! please let me know how you go I will be thinking of you.


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