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    Kimmers Guest

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    This is the first time I have written, I have read quite alot of the topics, but thought I'd should join in.

    I have a 3 year old son, we tried to conceive for 1 year with him, then had a Laparoscapy and a dose of Clomid. They cleared my tubes and lasered off Endometreosis and I was pregnant a couple months later.

    I have now been trying for a second child for almost 2 years. I have been having Ruth Sharkey's herbal medicine for 1 year. Been on Clomid for around 5 months, seem to be ovaulating. Next week I'm having a Lap to see what is going on. Fingers crossed it will happen again. I am pretty scared about having the Lap - can't really remember the last time what it was like. Has anyone else had one and what was it like, any tips on recovery. I am going for my Anethetist appt today, apparently I will be there for hours. Everything takes so long in our hospital here (Alice Springs)

    Look forward to replies.

    35 years old

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    Hi Kim,
    First of all welcome to BB! :wave: You'll find a lot of supportive ladies here.
    Laps are never much fun, I found the time I had to think about it is what made it harder - the procedure itself was okay. If it's an exploratory lap then it will be over very quickly and you'll only have mild discomfort, like shoulder pain etc.. and pelvic soreness. If you suffer from nausea then just ask your anaesthetist to put an anti-nausea ****tail in your IV during the surgery - you'll feel like gold afterwards!!
    Best of luck!!!

    P.S. (TMI) If you feel a bit worried about going to the toilet afterwards, have some metamucil, that helps a lot too!

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    Hi Kim,

    I had a lap/hyst/D&C last November. My gynea found huge amounts of endo, to severe for him to remove so he reffered me onto one of his colleagues who has far more experience than him. I am having another on the 23rd Feb to remove the rest...

    You will be fine, I actually don't find the whole thing to nerve racking at all, but then again I am a nurse, so a bit of background knowledge I guess makes it a bit easier. Like Didge said, you will suffer from the shoulder pain and some abdo pain, bit like bad period pain, but it will all wear off within 24 hours. Yep good idea to hit the anaethetist up for some anti nausea stuff... I didn't have any last time until it was to late, yep chucked over the surgeon and nurse... LOL!!! They will probably make around 3 small incisions and your stitches will come down around 5-7 days after... You will be fine...

    love and hugs

    leis xx

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    I had a lap/hys/d&c in november last year. After the surgery I had chest pain from the gas which lasted around 4 days, and my tummy was very tender.
    I also had really bad naesea from the anasthetic and have memories of vomiting when they moved me from the opertating table to the bed - and then I had naesea from the pethidene they gave me, even after they gave me the maxolon! So ended up having to stay overnight, as I couldn't even sit up, let alone stand up and walk to the bathroom! I've had bad reactions to anasethetic in the past and I told the anethetist this and I was still sick!!
    Anyway, I hope your experience is better than mine!

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    ~Jane~ Guest


    Hi Kim

    I have had 8 laps in total and I am due to have another next week. I'm afraid I have very vivid memories of mine, so I'd say if you cant remember too much you might not have such a bad reaction to them. I don't react very well to the anesthetic. I tend to vomit for 2-3 days and feel as sick as a dog. I have 4 incisions and the last couple of times they have left a small tube in one of the incisions for a few hours to let the gas out which is revolting to have removed but definately helps with the shoulder pain from the gas.

    Eek, the more I think about it the more I want to back out of my next one. I have quite bad endometriosis which I was diagnosed with back in 1993 when I was 19. Basically I have gone back every couple of years as it keeps returning despite my best efforts, just one of those things i guess.

    If you do get sick just tell them you want to stay in over night and take it nice and easy. :flower:

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    ~Jane~ Guest


    ps...I am a bit of a endo worst case scenerio story so I hope I haven't scared you with my experiences.

    Like any surgery it is not pleasant and good to get over and done with

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    Default New To Forum, Laproscapy next week


    I am 26 and have had 5 laps and various other little gems of medical intervention. The most important andvice anyone can give you is to STAY CALM. If you have a silly question, ask you doctor. Alleviating fears and having knowledge abouot what is going to be done to your body are keys to successful surgery and recovery.

    I did not find these procedures to be all the difficult, but pain thresholds differ, as do the skill of each surgeon. Just remember, these are routine procedures done every day, and many women are perfectly fine to resume light activities after 2-3 days of rest.

    A note from my experience though: If you are in pain when you wake from the anesthetic, ASK FOR DRUGS! Attendants will assume you are ok unless you ask... and it doesnt make you weak or a sook if you need it. Post op is the toughest part as your belly can be very sore, so use the tools around you.

    Good luck with the op and you will be fine. Talk if you feel scared, and ask questions if you need to and just trust in the healing power of your body and mind to do the rest.


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    Kimmers Guest

    Default Successful Laparoscopy, but still feeling washed out

    Thanks for all your support, it really did help.

    I had the Lap last Thursday, all went well. Yes, I did get plenty of drugs in recovery as it was quite painful.

    The Doctor didn't find any Endo and my ovaries were ok. He cleared my left tube, it took some pressure but had trouble with the right, but he said the tube looked ok. He is not sure if it is blocked or not, but apparently I can manage with one tube anyway. He said it might not even be blocked. A bit confusing but we will see. He said that this is the optimin time to try and conceive now - so fingers crossed.

    Still feel pretty yucky, can't seem to eat much, when I do it hurts, feel quite nauseus all the time and my tummy is sore - like an ache or gas pains. Has anyone had anything like that and what did you do.


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