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    well as many of you know our stuggle wih TTC was obstructed with my diagnosis of PCOS for which metformin was commenced and now the new information that my dear DP has no sperm count on his semen analysis. Anyway we have gone through just about all the emotions since we found out but we are very excited now because we have an appoinment at westmead fertility clinic on tuesday 31st... We have no idea what to expect so if there are any ladies out there who would like to share their first visit to their clinic i would love to hear what happens. Also has anyone been on metformin for PCOS and then done IVF and if so do you continue the met while IVFing????? Also and PCOS women out there who have had ivf and want to share i would love to hear how many eggs were retrieved from you at a time. Im confused as to weather with PCOS you can expect a higher number of eggs or lower number???? Anyway thanks for listening xoxoxox Wish us luck. Our appointment is with Dr Lorence Melhem. Anyone had her or heard anything on her. Positive or negative???

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    Hi Fun Mumma,

    Good luck with your IVF jorney.

    I have PCOS and am taking Metrormin. Yes you can continue with Met formin while doing the IVF thing. My doctor has told me that it will help with not miscarring. But I think you have to stop taking it at 13 weeks. Dont quote me but please ask your doctor.

    I think the amount of eggs you get is totally individual. I have had 3 egg collections and have ranges from 9 to 16. But also saying that it is not the quanity but the quality you need. and you can get small quanity of eggs and have the quality. So please dont stress about the numbers ok.

    Fingers crossed for your appointment on Tuesday.


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    Just moving this to Long Term TTC and Assisted Conception.

    Best of luck with your first IVF FunMumma - I hope you get your BFP first try

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    I hope all goes well with your appointment, I hope they come up with a plan of action for you. I'm a PCOS and did 12 months of clomid only on 100mg and use to produce 1 folicle. When doing IVF I had a smaller dose compared to others in 125ui and produced one cycle 62!!, over several stim cycles they finally gor my dosage right where I would produce on average about 10 great size and quality eggies. As for the Met and PCOS, IVF I'm not too sure hopefully someone will be able to answer that for you
    Good luck again

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    Well today was our appointment with fertility specialist Dr Melhem at westmead fertility clinic. She seemed really nice, really helpful and really positive. Basically she took in both our past history's. We had some more blood tests for DP today and i am having some in 13 days time. She told us not toget too concerned as it was only one semen analysis that showed zero sperm, and that with DP's history it is very likely that he is producing but maybe not ejaculating. So we have more testing and see her again on feb 14th (valentines day) how romantic!!!! Saing all that she is very open to just jumping into IVF if either or both of us have any issues that may impede our concieving. She is talking about ICIS for us so we going to do more research and wait. She however doesnt seem like a big believer in metformin.. She said that im not overweight although it may be helping to regulate my cycles that i should go straight off it if i fall pregnant. So its good that we e all being positive but at the same time over waiting!! Anyone else here have a semen analysis which showed zero, only to find out otherwise?????

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