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    OutbackSally Guest

    Newbie here!

    Hi Ladies,

    I'm Sally and 35 years old dealing with secondary infertility(labeled me as)....anyways,I am all new to this injectibles and IUI that I will be doing next cycle and was hoping you can help me out on a few questions I have.

    I know the IUI cycle is going to cost me $775,but the thing I don't know if this is all its gonna cost?.Is there any hidden charges besides the $775?(example..doctors fees,sperm washing).What about the cost for the injectibles...does health care card cover that ?.Or will I be paying the full amount to purchase them out of my own pocket?

    I know I wil have more answers when my appointment comes around on the 21st,but I wanna be prepared before hand.The procedure wil be done at Repromed Adelaide..anyone have this procedure done there and would like to share their experiences?



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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Jul 2004

    WElcome to bellybelly!

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    Melinda Guest

    Welcome to BB Sally.

    I'm sure one of the girls will be able to help you with your question shortly.

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    Blue Sky Guest

    Hi Sally,

    Sorry I can't help you with your questions. Can you call Repromed & ask what the costs cover? Will a call to your insurance company sort out what they will cover? I think there are a couple of girls doing IUI but am not sure through which clinic sorry.

    Good luck with your appointment!

    oh, and welcome to belly belly!! You'll find lots of support on these forums! (its just been unusually quiet the last few days!)


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    OutbackSally Guest

    Thank you for the warm welcome girls!

    Blue Sky...I'll find out more on the 21st when I get to see my Dr.Hopefuly I will ask her all this and get the right answer.Hope someone can still help me with my ? before then so I will be fully prepared!

    looking forward to being a regular on BB!


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    Teagan Guest

    Hi Sally,


    I'm currently doing a IUI (DI) cycle. I'm with a private clinic the cycle itself cost $1500, from medicare I recieved approx $1200 back because I was close to hitting the safety net. It's worth looking into what your safety net is with medicare is because once you hit that you will receive the schedule fee plus 80% of the gap. I believe the rebate without the safety net is approx $450.

    There were some additional charges. There was the ovulation test kit which cost me $50, as well as two catheders (sp?) which cost me $100 total. Neither of these was claimable on medicare. Also blood tests which I was able to claim part of from medicare. I think repromed is public? I don't think you will be charged for the blood tests maybe. Not sure about the other couple of things.

    I think the injectibles are for IVF? Not sure. There are medications sometimes for IUI like clomid but that is on the pbs. I'm currently doing a natural DI cycle so I don't need the medications. But they will be additional.

    In short, the cycle total was around $1800, of which I claimed about $1350 from medicare.

    Anyway, I hope that helps a little. Good luck.