Hi all,
I'm new to this site, so a little unsure. I'm 32yrs old and have a 4yr old son. I have PCOS which I have had since I were a teenager. I started getting my period when I was 14 yrs old, and it was a once off. Growing up I only got my period if I were on the pill. As I was told from the doctors i would have trouble getting pregnant, me and my now husband decided to start trying before we got married. I went on the clomid and it worked first go (didn't realise until 2wks after being married I was pregnant). We decided to start trying for nb 2, 2mths after our son was born. That is now 4yrs ago. I'm finding it very depressing, as we would dearly luv another child. I've done the clomid again, longer and alot stronger than what you should. In the end the doc, said we had to stop. And my only choice left was IVF. I really don't want to do IVF.
So a friend told me about a guy Winton who does acupuncture, and that he does fertility only, and she had heard that he is really gd. Decided I would give it a go. He said I should be able to be pregnant in 3mths. 5 mths down the track and still, no period, therefore no pregnancy. Winton is very expensive.
I've heard about Bill Wong and have just rung up to see if I can get in there. Wondering if anyone, knows of someone who does acupuncture in the Eastern Suburbs? With my PCOS, I've been told it's the worst one, but I'm an odd ball for it, as the only really symptoms is no period. I do have a little face hair (but it's hard to see, I know it's there) and I'm not overweight.
Is there anyone out there who has PCOS and have gotten pregnant from doing acupuncture only, and not been on any fertility treatments?