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Thread: Period pain day after ovulating.

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    Default Period pain day after ovulating.

    Hi everyone. Just wondering, every month the day after I ovulate I start to get slight cramping in the lower abdomen. I never used to get this and it started about 7months ago. I cramp for the entire 14 days before my period arrives.

    I know it is not ovulation pain because I get that as well and that is usually focussed more to one side of my tummy and is more sharp and stabbing. The cramping I get the day after ovulating is basically period pain. Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone else gets this or if it is something I should worry about I thought I shouldn't get period pain until closer to AF.

    I am having a hsg soon to check for blockages, and after an internal ultrasound last week was told there was a healthy egg on the right that was ready to release within a few days. Well, I know it has been released because I felt it and my temp shifted. We made sure we had intercourse leading up to and even after ovulation, but now I have period pain , AF due 12th April.

    Any ideas?????????????

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    Hi Jojoy,
    Sorry I can't help you but just wanted to wish you all the best. I don't seem to notice anything different on natural cycles, but I do analyse every single twinge on an IVF cycle, and I have found no two are the same. I hope your hsg shows nothing of concern, and best of luck TTC. xx

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    Hi - i have often complained to my TTC friends that i get bad cramps a day or so after O'ing until i get AF... i really dont know why and of course we are two different people but i just found out i have severe Endo so maybe that was/is the cause of my pain... (i dont want to freak you out.... just telling u what happened with me)
    If you're worried about it i would definitely get it checked out

    Best of luck

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