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    BellyBelly Member

    Sep 2004

    Poor responders

    Has anyone undertaken a stimming cycle which included both clomid and gonal-f/puregon?

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jul 2005

    yes my girlfriend did.. unfortunatley she didn't succeed at either stim or FET .. she has a few major problems though. Good luck..


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    confusedegg Guest

    i have been on clomid for AI and have been on Gonal-F (didnt respond) and puregon (replaced-Gonal-F) for IVF, but not clomid with Gonal-F/Puregon together.


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    tiamiami Guest

    Hi. My name is tia and I am now on cycle three. My first cycle was Clomid 100 mg cycle days 3 to 7 with only producing one egg.
    Second cycle Doc did 100 mg Clomid cylcle day 3 - 7 again but added 150 mg Gonal F. I producde two big eggs 21 mm and 22 mm with another BFN.
    Now I am on cycle three of TTC. Did the same as cycle two and went o Doctor this morning to get an U/S only to find out that I have three eggs but....... size 10mm and two 8 mm. Doctor wants me o come back in on Friday to see if the eggs are mature on Dec 9,2005. He says my lining is awesome. We will see. Does anyone know how quickly the eggs grow per day? Is it two mm a day?? Any response will help if you have experienced this or ever heard of this.

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    tiamiami Guest

    H all. Well this cycle Cancelled... Eggs did not mature. 10 mm went to 14 mm and the 2 8 mm ent to 10. Doc says it could happen but would like to cancell this cycle. He says the chances are low.