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Thread: Possible symptoms?? (tmi Warning!!)

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    Default Possible symptoms?? (tmi Warning!!)

    Hey All,

    Sorry I have not posted much - have been popping in now and then though.. hope everyone is doing great!!!

    I had an FET last Sunday (14th) Embryo was of high quality..started dividing again immediately after defrosting (yay cause we only had the one) and overnight went from a blast to and expanding blast with cells seperating.

    I had some AF type cramping aound 2 days after ET. Since than nothing, but have had a lot, and I mean a lot of CM!! (TMI Sorry) Don't usually have this much if any. This morning I got a slight niggling feeling like AF may be coming but only lasted a couple of hours. Am I reading too much into this?? Has anyone else had this?? AAAGGGHHHH!!!! driving me insane -have blood test on Tuesday but am very very scared it's another BFN....

    Sorry for the long post - please help me~!!

    Love Alex xoxoxo

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    Hi Alex,

    Sorry I'm not sure but the symptoms do sound good to me. I just wanted to wish you the best of luck for Tuesday. 2dpt sounds right for cramping if you transferred a hatching blast... Good Luck!

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    Hey Bokkie,

    Thanks for your reply - sorry have not been able to get on net for past week....
    Tuesdays BT came back with a HCG level of 4 !!! Was told not to get my hopes up...and have another test on Saturday (today)..but unfortunately started AF last night - so I guess we've got another negative.
    What a rollercoaster ride. I'm going to look at going to a Naturopath and see if that helps anything.

    Chat soon
    Alex xox

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